This day in history: Oct. 4, 2011

Amanda Knox arrives home in Seattle.
2:54 | 09/28/18

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Transcript for This day in history: Oct. 4, 2011
Good evening at this hour for your Odyssey is coming to an end for American college student Amanda Knox at this moment. Approaching her hometown of Seattle and her new life as a free woman. She has been behind bars for 1427. Days and there is a small side awaiting her hanging outside the door for father's home. As she arrives back in the arms off her family the family that fought for her release mortgaging their homes. Spending all their savings for retirement to free her. And we want to go straight to Seattle tonight where ABC's Neal Karlinsky is standing by Neil. Diane were inside the international arrivals terminal or Amanda Knox and her family are expected to land in just over an hour there is a huge crush of international media outside here. Extra security is on hand as well all getting ready for a homecoming many thought. Like never happen. Amanda Knox spent her first day of freedom getting as far from Italy as she possibly could. After a high speed escape the media and overnight in his seat house near Rome photographer's own directing the airport capturing. Terminal to a connecting flight in London. Please remove her family a far cry from the Amanda Knox of just one date year earlier. Shaking with emotion as she was set 34. Years after being sent to prison over. Early word so far the. This statement before leaving Italy those who wrote me who defended me who stayed close to me who prayed for me we are forever grateful. Despite tabloid headlines about cashing in the reality is that getting to this point has cost the Knox family nearly everything. Mike he views a neighbor and friend. Financially it's been very difficult he says Knox is divorced parents each took out second mortgages ran through credit cards and retirement accounts in order to help cover legal bills estimated at more than a million dollars her grandmother even took out a quarter million dollar second mortgage to help. Our whole families borrow money it's not just. Mike pairings it's aunts uncles. 'cause they homes are Waterbury is one of the tireless supporters who studied the forensic evidence he's convinced that Amanda Knox will find a way to redeem the life she left behind. The person she was four years ago. The manna has not responded to this amazingly well. High as part of her strength. A podium has been set up just outside the doors here were Amanda Knox as parents are expected to address the media shortly after they land no word on whether Amanda herself will actually talk. Or where shall go next her family they just want to get her home and have some quality time at last. Alone.

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{"duration":"2:54","description":"Amanda Knox arrives home in Seattle.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58146978","title":"This day in history: Oct. 4, 2011","url":"/US/video/day-history-oct-2011-58146978"}