D-Day's significance in world history

One YouTube channel retells World War II history week by week.
8:22 | 06/06/19

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Transcript for D-Day's significance in world history
Studies show that younger people really don't know much or really have a full grasp of the war and its influence on today's world but with the Internet it's hard to find any excuse for. Not knowing about. There's quite literally a group of dedicated has story ends. And filmmakers creating a real time digital documentary series. I'm covering World War II week by week and day by day for the entire sixty years. Of the war so. I'm joined by two of those the story ends. Indy and I del he's the writer and host for World War II in real time in Spartacus old saying it writer and host for World War II. War against humanity. Guys you're doing such an incredible project but before we get to the project. Let's just talk about. Well what gets lost and what people tend to forget is what would have happened had the invasion stale. Britain was not under threat at the time from the Nazis neither was America directly at that this was a very selfless thing had to be invasion failed. The scenarios you would have that was either a much longer are not the occupation of Europe which would it involve many more millions of people dying. It's possible that the allies still might have. Come through Italy and defeated and eventually but what's more likely as the Soviet Union was pushing to Germany Germany back on the eastern front is that you would have had. A Soviet takeover of a central if not all of mainland Europe. And you can bank and the consequences that would have had. For the next 5060 years or even today and its Soviet Europe would also be able many more millions of people die. So what the Americans and British and well the polls and others who are there. Well they were doing was an incredibly selfless act in order to actually create or preserve a world. Of freedom a world without murder a world without. Our people are better just because I say they're better and I think that's really important not to lose sight. Am absolutely inspire it says that very interested in what you find the most interesting that most people would know. I think though thing about. How much war was really. Very very personal issue and that's Hawaii actually discover world war two and I was only eight years old I was standing in Normandy and back then. There were a lot a lot of veterans that were still alive to day. They're getting pure pure the greater degree generation is is trading away and as such the whole. Well with the whole. Installation that it has become is really really important reminds us of the sacrifices they gave on this date in order to do to get us where Indy just said. And there are a lot of things that people don't know about. Is that. It wasn't really get that clear cut it wasn't a clear victory all the could have gone really it'll wrong. There were a lot of moving pieces in this whole operation and at the end candidate things like bill British victory operation because those that because the bridge. Early in the morning at actually right after midnight night before that was what safeguarded. The whole operation. And I think that really highlights how much this was up to the individuals. That were on those beaches that were landing behind the line. And fighting every day. How much we owed them the democratic too not just the mass of people but the individuals who went out there and sacrificed their lives. And we're fortunate enough to be able to cover that in a very very deep gently because of our. Weakly and and daily show's. Yes and let's let's talk about the project because the project is beyond fascinating. So we mentioned it it's up to its a look at World War II. Week by week for the entirety. Of the war so we're gonna show everyone a little clip here. On September 1 1939. The German army invaded Poland and the polish German war of 1939. Had begun. Did you think I was gonna say something else because that's all it is a war an un declared war. Between two European nations. Yet I'm just completely blown away and from all of the production that goes into this Indy why did you guys decide to do this. Well I did already cover the first world war the same way chronologically real time and ended at exactly a hundred years. Afterwards. Let's party and I when we decided we wanted to continue doing chronological and real time documentaries. Really realize it we wanted to do world ward two we're also gonna have to do between two wars and now we're doing that nonviolent logically particular car stuck but you can find that easily. I thought this was a companion piece and of course since his nearer and larger it has more impact on on who we are today at where we came from today. And doing this chronologically gets such a different view of the war than you would cover it battle by battle. Or covering one countries perspective an American perspective British perspectives or whatever we have since it is 52 weeks a year no holidays no season ending. We have time to cover all. Of the minutiae that really could have and Dick changed or let. Germany and in late 1939 invented the magnetic mine. Which really was a shoot for our ultimate secret weapon and plan to bring Britain British ship graduate these and it really could have. I did not have been for our. A fortunate accident that the British had that things like that. And things like the relationship between say the went to work between so the Soviet Union and Finland. Which many people don't see is part of World War II but it's directly related to the German invasion of Norway and Britain fighting down for the Swedish. I hear it really is all we're all interconnected. And nobody had really done this kind of thing for World War II B forces seemed obvious to us. In Spartacus what has their reaction then I mean it's pretty incredible to have all of these videos and his. All the way through from start to finish. All we a hugely. Grateful community where we're grateful for them as well and we have a lot of interaction up there with them as well we tried we really we read every single comment that we get. We try to answer as many as we chance we have a pretty fair. Grip of what their actually thinking what we do and and and then it's coming it's coming across very well what has really it really. Always motivated us very much is the age of our audience which is. Fairly young actually so we have an audience which is mainly below 35. A lot of teenagers a lot of school kids they're watching what we do we feel that's really really important because. Only now personal again because people are slowly forgetting their loot their dying away the people who actually. Fought in the war so it's important for us to keep that memory alive. But also. The way we can do this in 2019. Is very different to what we were able to doom we were younger. We can now tell the story in a much more balanced way we can reach people who via online media. When I say balance I mean truly covering all the aspects not skewing it in any direction. But telling the full story of what really happened once you do that you start seeing the real humanity of what went on and how important that's what's so. The reception is exactly that we get along a lot of positive feedback. And at the end of the day you have to consider it is our viewers that finance this show by actually making sure that we can go on doing this. By donating to the show by. Our website or by a patron. And without them the show wouldn't exist so it's really a collaborative effort that I think it's never ever been done on this scale before in history. Absolutely not and it's incredible in. And spike is all send love your name's love your weren't thinking so much for joining us.

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{"duration":"8:22","description":"One YouTube channel retells World War II history week by week. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63532304","title":"D-Day's significance in world history ","url":"/US/video/days-significance-world-history-63532304"}