DC cherry blossom season delayed after winter storm

ABC News' Janai Norman visits the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., for a preview of this year's event.
9:55 | 03/17/17

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Transcript for DC cherry blossom season delayed after winter storm
OK happy Friday ABC's dean who remain here killing him by diet and they. Resident and so cherry blossom festival your hero one title basin and west festival opens tomorrow. There are numbered tents already set up as they are preparing for tomorrow. As we walk alone to show you this out of here you will notice the big difference. What aspect that's kind of missing this year and that some of those. Famed cherry blossoms are gonna talk today in him about that indefensible. And a welcome think you. And Ryan. An idea a little lately starts very. Very early time. You're innocent little precedent help early they were anticipating streets people who read. Based on the first victims. Here there on your. Superiors taught me the festival in this sad that we have come here and hear him. I'm great guest services team. For this incident captain. Well and I still rules are walking a little bit. Yeah along the way I'm just talking about eight years passed and defense table talk this way. And you can visit for sixteen years there and tell me what you. Experienced over that decade. Says it has grown tremendously thanks for starting the students develop. My heart just. And our thanks here is to celebrate he's wonderful. Take Pennsylvania on the offensive beyond its. Whether they're living there are not really need that time you hear so many things to do all of this didn't see anything including obviously. Lot of people take pictures right. Being down here is Kennedy you replace would be in very icon. But yet we have performances. 88 year partners since opening ceremonies. And as many in the morning theaters judges world class Japanese. Actually celebrates the anniversary and yet it is against my years. OK so that's and he has been asking about next increasing a lot of people have heard about DC's. They cheered as they traveled all over to see them in the spring but many people how we don't feel. History and the syndicate hundreds like your account at the opening my ears again. Tokyo. My parents. Tony injury and a cherry tree in Washington. Clean even around the area here and it turns. Candidates are thinking it was years. The buildings that were donated a hundred in five years ago you to hold me and actually number the better still a wide variety. Lott saying today yes today they're actually very standing trees. Are actually the original treats cricket in nineteen. Thank you said that that's action that's incredibly even grayer because there's cherry trees generally thirty to forty years and last hundred I mean especially in the cold DC back enticing. Can you appreciate especially here lightness you. 8 o'clock Pacific leading any eighth when their company here and myself make people we have over one point nine million people think. In. And try to come here during that time the lessons of usually right and it's scary that you see those gorgeous pictures all over the Internet FaceBook. Is it ever people are you know you've got that straight and work at the memorial in the background. But it is a little different here yeah. It is. In your sixteen years as president have you ever seen. Festivals start off like this in terms weren't true once. Starting off and is is that not be hearing averaged eight normally it's important and that's a start bursting his brain but could be. She'd experienced both break that we had and it's that actually. Then some of those were damaged. Though the parts that they I'd say it points to. Innings. But we know that there will. There will be blocks and still still some hope out there it's good news. Just a little bit of a delay but as you said it they were supposed to come early this year anyway. People. In the next week to. I'm hitting the festival and come back and so. Heading out like they're going to be just eat. A lot of regional visitors thank and then come. Any humor sixteen here's how often have you seen snow on the ground. Saved 83 you know anything I mean really need to 900 no and yeah. And musical than and that's it's no obviously factory ammunition industry wants and. Also for the opening of the fassel is that he's back because of snow off. Will they originally at best starts on March 25 because he ripped a projection was supposed to be in the okay Dana your sister good. King of kings and their careers. Gains yeah. And it's easy. There everything yeah. Now. We're we're here right now okay. I'm Martin and we'll hear rings and I think he and the answer is Jack then I hit it and it's. We're in the I the most famous street. Ball in the east. Entries in 2000 trees and hates white and some of these blasts 29% of these it is a variety of animals are living later. So neat idea I think that person and it's going to be tough. And I think going to be the first week of April or later I think you'll see even more pleasant variety okay meeting sheet and its medicine. Sue and Friday's. Look different life actually see the pictures of these are kind of different than they look. Ultimately you'll have to check that parents are making little darker peak. And I want to say there. If I hope I'm here on ninth street that night just forget which one wins then there are a little bit later we. And so they had it coming out began around things lately you'll get to see them again sit com. Spring and now for the. So there will be clarity and yeah. Take a look at him right now quiet now remember she says we are going to get our cherry blossom. We'll get up early April will get not just your appetite weight that they're all yeah. Yeah. Do I mean. Yeah. Let me. Yeah ten. Do you think looking yeah. I and local apparently. And or. We don't always. Tired and then your 400 and right years but it's incredible that they are still going through this process moving. Hope that maybe general and as white people are here are some bad news here and they tell me get away what we can expect tomorrow in terms of the visit if there on the fence about you know turn to snow mainly impacting. What will convince people to get out here in check out pitcher its just enjoy. Thank an entertainer and an 888. Great news isn't here gardening news walking all around here in the database dream plane in the next Saturday. We. And I think they're very important market theater finally. Still Oregon he landed kite festival that will be the U mind watching tape reminding me ground. The parade which is presented by Nancy is on Saturday April 8 and that. Brings lots lots of people dads this idiot finale weekend right in the district where. For fireworks and objectionable down there where there is selected in each week he tremendous amount of exhibits and and other activities. And morality tales maybe it's best to go gymnast Kerri Russell or. You can't roll in all the details and best way to get around. Also I need the forecast is calling bird. Again start to feel like spring spring starts in just a couple days at any organic get our. We will see that ticket. Its biggest electric age diet. We will hear more from the park service at 2 o'clock to get the latest on the cherry blossoms and president it is here is. But the good forecast at least have a blues I'm ABC's Jane Norton here along the tidal basin.

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{"id":46205468,"title":"DC cherry blossom season delayed after winter storm","duration":"9:55","description":"ABC News' Janai Norman visits the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., for a preview of this year's event.","url":"/US/video/dc-cherry-blossom-season-delayed-winter-storm-46205468","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}