DC restaurant showcases immigrant chefs for World Refugee Week

Maydan restaurant in Washington D.C. plays host to refugee chefs for the week.
3:57 | 06/19/19

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Transcript for DC restaurant showcases immigrant chefs for World Refugee Week
A record seventy million people were forced to flee their homes all around the world. In 2018 becoming refugees it's the largest number ever reported by the United Nations from Syria. To Venezuela the flows of asylum seekers even here in the United States every slacker and at record levels is this is. Our refugee week here in the United States in our motor co star Od. DC where a number of chefs in this city. Are trying to reach out to those families in those refugees and do them some got him on a. Pay DeVon that's right I'm inside me Don restaurant right now it's one of the five DC restaurants taking part in a lunch series. Put on by the nonprofit tables without borders this week is really all about showcasing the culinary talents of refugees and asylum seekers and proving that cooking is universal even at each meal is not. At. The smoldering stunner of the American melting pot stands DC's meet dawn restaurant. Very welcome Manning and the other name made on means like Central Square. I think this idea of having this giant thing in the middle of doing kind of gather around. Very on point what we're trying to combat. We're on any given night diners can experience the flavors of the Middle East and North Africa through a lot of like talk gang we kind of stumbled on this idea of cooking food sort of from Morocco to Iran and kind of all the countries and between. But this week executive chef Gerald Anderson is making me. Fine here for guest chef John Dolan. I want to because then that Afghans feel uptown to. Cool the Afghan refugee taking meet on further down the silk road the shoe piecing authentic cuisine from his native home. And for this but a couple of football awards. Suspicion and then and I think a Bob's. The collaboration almost a year in the making is the brainchild of sense of growing and zero other heat the conflict came actually. Over dinner table with my co-founder Sarah. Did you founding peoples without borders to parent asylum seekers and refugees experience in the culinary arts with five to DC's most popular restaurants. Would restaurants of this caliber it's really awesome to have those you know. Few days in the kitchen learning from the head chest and how are words. Back before the open flame Shelton and John describes cooking. That's his first love. Sending just himself Tenet Ellis thought the cocaine relented because my favorites. Skills to cope all the time and I need to know all about the corps how to code before it's. He already has several years of professional experience under his belt when he his wife and two children were resettled in the US. It is a challenging. For the first time Mia here you know. You need to know about not things slowly slowly adopt that we know about the culture we know about the society you know about everything. The opportunity he says allows him to share a piece of home. It's his new neighbors. Well coached and. Boston's Gerald says tables without borders complements the restaurants mission of breaking down cultural barriers. Using the power of the shared meal. Why didn't is. Various official rests on this official authentic and posted them in that case is real at fifth and I don't ever that's thrown into the. Now this program goes until Friday it you were hoping that tax and it's not an accident. I'm sorry to say and that this event is a fully books but DeVon don't worry tables without borders says they plan on bringing the concept back. Cancer really neat concept it's great to hear those personal stories and actually see the food connection the food Isa the. Let's get I got to get over there have made on its it looks like a great place them on of course not you think you so much. For that shining a spotlight on the importance. Of refugees and those families on this world. Refugee week thanks T to her.

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{"duration":"3:57","description":"Maydan restaurant in Washington D.C. plays host to refugee chefs for the week. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63819126","title":"DC restaurant showcases immigrant chefs for World Refugee Week ","url":"/US/video/dc-restaurant-showcases-immigrant-chefs-world-refugee-week-63819126"}