9 dead in Arizona flash flood this weekend

Authorities are still searching for missing people, the Sheriff's office said.
1:57 | 07/17/17

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Transcript for 9 dead in Arizona flash flood this weekend
We're gonna sardonic tragic note of tragedy indeed one man remains missing nine members of his family killed in a flash flood in Arizona such sad news more thunderstorms and therefore more flash floods are likely in the area today you see the radar there but here's that video from yesterday the family swept away in the flood. They had gathered at a popular swimming hole and had no warning. Before the wall of water roared through the narrow canyon ABC's Elizabeth herd with more. With cruise in the air and search dogs on the ground rescue and recovery operations stretching into day. 3 in central Arizona. I'm sure Allen blocked off that today. This woman plucked a frightening scene on her cell phone as a flash flood sent water debris and mud. Rushing down a melting into the river below. There's a fan of it and LaMont in the water. Eyewitnesses say dozens of swimmers caught off guard held onto what ever they glued to stay alive. Finally got rent here is upon. Four people were rescued and flown to hospitals with hypothermia. Wanted to witness a said he looked up and saw wall water coming toward. That wall of water so powerful authorities confirmed so far at least nine people including two children were killed. I've been with the sheriff's office thirteen years and this is the worst. Flash flood. Accident we've had when it rains it appeared really port is not only that it knocked down trees the floods triggered by torrential rains in the area. This waterfront restaurant and uprooting trees from the home of and unfortunately for that same area and across Arizona they danger isn't over yet broad new flash flood watch is now in effect through this evening. Aging tendency analyst with the National Weather Service just telling people to avoid that area moments ago thank you.

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{"id":48676407,"title":"9 dead in Arizona flash flood this weekend","duration":"1:57","description":"Authorities are still searching for missing people, the Sheriff's office said.","url":"/US/video/dead-arizona-flash-flood-weekend-48676407","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}