4 dead and 5 injured in fatal Kansas City bar shooting

One suspect has been captured and another is still at large following a weekend shooting at a Kansas City bar.
2:48 | 10/07/19

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Transcript for 4 dead and 5 injured in fatal Kansas City bar shooting
And guy is we moved to a tragic story out of Kansas City a deadly shooting inside a bar that left four men dead. And five people injured this weekend it was a chaotic scene that is left another small community shaken so want to bring in Stephanie Ramos. Who's on the ground in Kansas City with the latest. What do we know about why this happens. We'll Kimberly authorities are still trying to figure that out we've spoken to a number of people who live in Kansas City, Kansas and they say. This is their community and sure there's crime there but they have never seen anything like this as you mentioned nine people sought. Four people killed and today there is still an urgent manhunt. For one of the two men police today. Opened fire alongside an accomplice inside that packed Kansas City, Kansas bar. Now police tell us that the incident stemmed from a dispute between one of the suspects. And a bartender hours before the shooting and witnesses have said. That they saw both men. Walked into the bar from the Basque armed with handguns now keep in mind there were at least forty people inside of that bar that's what police tell us those of very. Chaotic situation but overnight police say they were able to a rest to one of the suspected gunman his name is Javier ala Torre. Again he was arrested overnight but his alleged partner is still on the run. Wow and what do we know about the victims. The four people that lost their lives. Still we attended the vigil last night so we were able to speak where. A couple of the families that were there in inquiry being just such an emotional time for that for them. And we are told that the four men that were killed there ages range from twenties to fifties but they were. We're told they were fathers Brothers cousins I mean this is a very tight knit community. And one woman I spoke with says she had just had dinner with one of the victims. Partners and that their kids were just boasting about their dad saying how proud they were of their dad how you was in. An expert in this and this and she she was emotional as as ex she should be because now these young kids are left without a doubt but. We also spoke web. A one young man who was inside that bar at the time of the shootings he was shot in the army was there with his cousin. And he says he now he's he's he's got some perspective he says he's looking at this as a second chance at life but. He did never expected something like this he had gone there a number of times before and it's just here's something they didn't expect in the in the air tight knit community. And it's completely. A heartbreaking I'm Stephanie Ramos right there in Kansas City thank you so much we appreciate it.

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{"duration":"2:48","description":"One suspect has been captured and another is still at large following a weekend shooting at a Kansas City bar.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"66114909","title":"4 dead and 5 injured in fatal Kansas City bar shooting","url":"/US/video/dead-injured-fatal-kansas-city-bar-shooting-66114909"}