4 dead, several injured in Waffle House shooting

One person at the restaurant wrestled the rifle away from the gunman, police said.
3:30 | 04/22/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for 4 dead, several injured in Waffle House shooting
I just pulled I work nights so I come in when I don't have calls do I come to this Waffle House they're my people. I pulled out there were pretty busy citing go right inside I waited in my car and my cook buddy he was outside the have a cigarette break. Many waved at me and got out of my car to go inside and as soon as I got out this guy and a pickup truck pulled up. Gets out of his vehicle via the where nothing but a jacket. And shot some guy right at the door. And then he shot my buddy who was trying to run down the sidewalk and then I'd drop to the ground are up my car and then I can see from underneath my car. He shot through the windows of the restaurant and then he went inside and started shooting thumb once he went inside. I just I ran across the parking lot in. Just sit underneath a truck and then I saw it got quiet and there was a guy inside wrestling with the gunman. And then it just admit it just got quiet and that's when the gunman had taken off I didn't see where he went I was. Underneath a pick up truck trying not to be part of the scene did he say any thing you know he did say not to and he pulled up got right out of his pick up. And start shooting. And so you say you come to this law fossilized this person you've seen before. No I've never seen him before. Note that he killed one of my good buddies want to cook in there was a good friend of mine real good guy named T and you guys pick up I was out on a cigarette breaks. Bad record really really should really crazy I mean this shooting was crazy Asselta to see someone get out naked except for a jacket with an assault rifle was just. Beyond words just. Bizarre I'm so sorry had to witness that and I'm sorry for the loss of your friend as well what was what was going Gary might at this claiming. People hear about this type of thing happening is seems like more and more lately but what rethinking. It's crazy because you hear something like this happen ya we sink yourself while would have done this I would have done that. I couldn't even run my legs gave out I fell to the ground I tried to crawl I mean I've got scrapes on the back of my hands because my body just wasn't working I was so scared. He was gonna turn around and come around my car and chased me around my car because when I got out him and I were. Face to face he was a couple cars away from me and I mean he Wii but we both got out of the vehicle that pretty much at the same time. And edgy just all went down when she started shooting I I'd hit the ground and kind of kept denying them from underneath my car to make sure he was gonna come in. Trying shoot me. How many shots would you say fired. Each. Like when he shot the two people outside it was like a pop pop and then a couple of shots through the windows but once he got inside it sounded like aegis. She sprayed the rest of his bullets out. And I think the gentlemen I talked to him who wrestled the gun from him said that he had stopped shooting as if to reload and that's when he started wrestling with him. And so police are calling that man a hero Dino hilly is and it we're told she actually was shot as well he's at the hospital. I don't think he was shocked I talked to him afterwards I called Amir Taylor told him I said buddy you may have saved a bunch allies because. He did I mean I was out the parking lot trying to hire this guy was incited and took advantage of the situation got got the gun away from them. So definitely hero definitely taking out the gun over the counter to said they were wrestling the gun flew over the counter. So I don't know if he threw if it just ended up that way as they were wrestling the gun got itself away from the guy. And the guy took off running.

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{"duration":"3:30","description":"One person at the restaurant wrestled the rifle away from the gunman, police said.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"54645025","title":"4 dead, several injured in Waffle House shooting","url":"/US/video/dead-injured-waffle-house-shooting-54645025"}