6 dead after Irma knocks out air conditioning at Florida nursing home

The entire facility was evacuated due to cooling issues.
2:22 | 09/13/17

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Transcript for 6 dead after Irma knocks out air conditioning at Florida nursing home
Pretoria where we responded there this morning. We became aware of the conditions of some of the patients are immediately. Took action or investigation. Revealed that it's extremely hot on the second floor of the facility. Why would the patience transfer. Well you know it's saw a state of affairs you know we all have elderly people. And facilities that we know that we depend on those people those facilities and care. For more vulnerable elderly population there it's really sad when something like this goes on we respond that are here early this morning let's talk some. Yes it around 6 in the morning. And that decision was made wants to barber who started finding other patients and vertical me wrong. Their war was. Double is very heart of top. So this was. A terrible accident. The scene was chaotic when I arrived we had a 115. At least a 150. Patients that we were trying to evacuate and bring them to safety. The fact that it it's down the street. You know we we don't have control over what goes on that facility but what we were called to help. That we mobilize at least fifty to a hundred. Of our employees that left the hospital ran down the street. Although all of these patients out of the facility and make sure that they got to visit us. There are some windows. That were open but that's part of our investigation. Through you know how many windows cannot be opened. We know that the facility next door are made ordered to evacuate their facility. It's meant though how. There were people we're no medical conditions. Because. There were locked down and the windows were not open. Even though there their condition was good I made the decision to. If accurate are locked up building down also. Had a number of doubts about swore that's what we're examining we're examining all possibilities you know Sorin in a case like this. Not gonna speculate but obviously there are many factors as you heard some of your colleagues. Our portion there are many factors that could influence. You know which way the formal investigation is is going to go but it concentrates on. What was the cause of that. Of these of these patients.

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{"id":49824234,"title":"6 dead after Irma knocks out air conditioning at Florida nursing home","duration":"2:22","description":"The entire facility was evacuated due to cooling issues.","url":"/US/video/dead-irma-knocks-air-conditioning-florida-nursing-home-49824234","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}