Decomposing Bodies Studied in Outdoor Forensic Laboratory

Research facility known as a "body farm" is designed to train coroners and investigators.
3:40 | 11/20/12

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Transcript for Decomposing Bodies Studied in Outdoor Forensic Laboratory
On the other side of the river. In the hills of Knoxville Tennessee. -- a -- in research facility. The other razor wire a laboratory. One of the few in the world that is both scientific. And sacred. It's a very serious atmosphere the locals call it -- body follower. How many bodies are here at -- time. We have anywhere from about a 150 -- 190. Any one time. -- bodies -- -- to the university of Tennessee's forensic anthropology center. A place where drug debt comes data that CSI teams are using to solve real life -- We have just over an acre syllable or no skeletons. They have an artificial -- This foot is from a body that only a few days old Wellington -- really matters as a forensic anthropologist doctor -- -- -- Studies the body for decomposition. She can determine how long someone has been dead including victims of -- line. We help law enforcement. Find out what happened to somebody. To do that bodies are placed in simulated crime scenes on the grown in a car even a news. In sex even voters all lead to clues. The public is not allowed here. But since the eighties police prosecutors in corners are regular visitors -- This is not something you can what do you study. In an indoor laboratory. -- you cannot simulate this type of work. From identifying plane crash victims to mass graves in war zones the changes that take place after death. All helped to answer the investigators tough questions. And we can help provide those answers. May not be the answers -- they want to hear. But it does provide closure and some way. The idea of a body -- or may seeing gruesome. But respect for the donors is never lost. As their generosity. That allows all of this to happen and we never forget. And what's happening here in Tennessee will soon happening -- Not far from -- junction construction is underway for the first high altitude body -- To -- forensic science students at Colorado -- university the fenced area behind will be the outdoor facility -- are outdoor research laboratory. What unlike -- see it's a dry desert of the western slope. The lack of humidity and the intensity of the -- and all of that makes a huge difference. In how tissue -- -- case. An entirely new environment to conduct research that could help Colorado corners self local -- -- just has the opportunity to increase your knowledge base to provide answers to solve cases like the murder of -- verdict. The gypsum team was found four years after she was reported missing. Mark dejudder -- revealed she was lightly -- The body farm could help solve similar cases the science isn't. -- because. You can't. Prove a case just based on what you thing. From the southeast. To the notes and -- its may -- not questions that scientific questions that people have on their mind all the time. But when it matters it's important has that science there. A way to bring justice. Even in death. In mesa county Colorado Mark Stuart 7 NEWS.

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{"duration":"3:40","description":"Research facility known as a \"body farm\" is designed to train coroners and investigators.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"17768954","title":"Decomposing Bodies Studied in Outdoor Forensic Laboratory","url":"/US/video/decomposing-bodies-studied-outdoor-forensic-laboratory-17768954"}