Defense expected to rest in case against Derek Chauvin

Defense witness Dr. David Fowler introduces a new factor into Floyd’s cause of death, the gas pipe from the police cruiser.
5:49 | 04/15/21

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Transcript for Defense expected to rest in case against Derek Chauvin
Let's bring in trial attorney Bernard of the alone up for more analysis on this Bernard thanks for being here doctor Fowler yesterday. Contradicted testimony from experts that were called by the prosecution. Particularly doctor Martin Tobin. He says George Floyd's death was caused primarily by his underlying health conditions and that he had a sudden cardiac event on May 25 what does it do. For reasonable doubt in this case. Well we install what that the band it's what we expect that the from the that bad Robert B the defense wasn't at all. Doubled Gunner Greek writings from the it. So now the jury it's going to happen determine which experts who actually leak. Because you have conflict it quads that bad in this eight manner. So the jury is going captain determine. Which experts today find credible which acts first date by unbelievable and don't want they determine that. Then they can determine whether what they that they can actually X that as the batter and look what that. Because if you don't determine that the manner that we'll homicide and that. Authored that what they're dull but that financial and direct ought. About acts with a beverage Schaub and you can not find Derek solving guilty. Any of these chart. The jury have a big job to do but they think embedded dime the prosecution that's going to make case beyond a reasonable doubt. And I do not like them its focus on the video. Now for how are also brought in a new possible. Factor and George Floyd's debt that we hadn't heard before the exhaust pipe. From the police cruiser why isn't defense presenting this possibility given it was Derek showman who put Floyd near that exhaust pipe. Think what Eric Nelson and knowing that the difference attorney for Derrick sharp and he is tried to plant a little heat out. And remember when he wrecked indeed little teeth out he doesn't have to roll it elite doesn't know which one adult. All going to. Get a jury could be caught on that each and be like I cannot reach a determination a verdict bits. And Jack I want what every week. Oh our by the bank because they and act dot Turkey actress say. It wouldn't even record a carbon monoxide there was no cart them or not I beat arm. The body of George toy and ended this and that that vehicle there's no proof federal turned dark and Beckett Olympic gas electric vehicle. Is the whole affair on behalf of the defense that if they just throw one more thing into the mix the jury or at least one juror might say. There's so many possibilities here we don't really know how George Floyd that. You gotta think what the defense I'll wait for a bandit is one that he gets acquitted or second there is a miss rob about the but he got that. Disappears because it gives the prosecution an opportunity to prevent the tape again and cried out by different jury. So what ever and they can do he adds one job Eric melt and that is to cry from speed come out. In front of these jurists and it all takes its one juror. That has some current speed of Dallas doubled so well because you have to be unanimous verdict and that 41. Now prosecutor Jerry Blackwell was able to poke some holes in Fowler's testimony on cross examination. There is a really big moment where he got Feller to criticize officers for not administering CPR this scene. Seeing how bright it could have saved Floyd's life how damaging is that for the defense. That was huge because it is now an opinion that mr. black walk. T know what answer would be because there's no way he's been dish it. What has the eyes and made that up her and it's at a police officer what NB Brooke wire to give medical and and we know from all the Betty olds that Derrick sharp and did not abide metabolic thanks it's enjoy exploit. Bad right there gold necklace that bright able man what and his second degree still balance a huge bright. For the prosecution. In this case and the defense wants credibility based. Formed back. So the defense may actually wrap up their case today we're gonna hear a rebuttal witness from the prosecution as well before they go to closing arguments. As Alex said so what are you watching out for as this trial starts to near its end. Tell reality I am right now because the prosecution has already cold 38 witnessed it and they breath the decay. Based on their patrimony of the 38 witness it believed that evidence that stole strong that it does shell sobbing guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense they tried to calm outs when he but they came off lacked the witness then back they call weren't able to and gold. Oh did so with act or is that we're all bride the prosecution. I expect today that the defense want to call one more medical expert and I believe that act but it's going to be at the college. So again ruled this which had been Embry witness that the defect that's called. Ahab like George Lloyd on trial at the polls to every shop they act like George Boyd that ought but that's what the drug. Still as a result the back wheel their last witness is going to be. The college's tidbits are meant what word different types of drugs that we're back of the by the ups or sport. Because that is the narrative and that is the focus their schedule exploit that as a result. And the under the influence the. I Bernard heavy a lot of great to have your announces Bernardo thank you. Thank you battening and we're gonna see you in just a little bit for ABC news lives continuing coverage of the trial of Derek Shelvin.

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{"duration":"5:49","description":"Defense witness Dr. David Fowler introduces a new factor into Floyd’s cause of death, the gas pipe from the police cruiser.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77096071","title":"Defense expected to rest in case against Derek Chauvin","url":"/US/video/defense-expected-rest-case-derek-chauvin-77096071"}