Delta baggage handler arrested for alleged $250,000 theft

Quincy Thorpe, who worked at JFK International Airport in New York, was arrested at his home in Brooklyn and is in FBI custody.
2:06 | 09/26/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Delta baggage handler arrested for alleged $250,000 theft
A Delta Airlines baggage handler JFK tonight facing charges of federal Grand Larceny. Cops say instead of loading a bag of cash from an armored car onto a plane headed for Florida forty year old Quincy Thorpe took that bag with 300000 dollars in side and then. Went home sick. The reason I have a custody what they don't have is the money I was reporter Kimberly Richardson might at federal court in downtown Brooklyn caps. And now I wanna step out of the shot because right now we're here in downtown Brooklyn this is a look at the front door here at the courthouse where any moment we are expecting. Quincy Thorpe to come out but it was one of the most secure places in the world JFK airport and sort allegedly thought he could grab that bag. With roughly 300000. Dollars on the tarmac. And get away but his plans didn't go. As expected today FBI agents arrested him any face to judge just a short time here down charm Brooklyn. Don't forget was a baggage handler with delta and Tuesday morning allegedly made his move authorities maintained. This all went down as baggage is being loaded on to flight 1225. Headed to South Florida Thorpe was in charge of putting eight bags from an armored car company onto that plane. According to a criminal complaint only seven of the bags made it and that security cameras showed Thorpe taking one of them. And putting it into a container instead it and that the container was attached to a vehicle the plane did push away from gate C seven deep and what it landed in Miami officials noticed the bag was gone Thorpe then called out sick to work yesterday and today. And that's what agents paid him a visit at his home and arrested him back here live again a look at the front door here at court in downtown Brooklyn again. One thing the judge did release Thorpe won 80000 dollars bond he is expected to walk out here he is with his attorney his attorney says he will speak to the media. Delta at this point did suspend Thorpe. And they issued a statement saying in part the alleged actions of this employees are unacceptable. And in no way reflect the professionalism. And values we expect. From delta team members.

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{"duration":"2:06","description":"Quincy Thorpe, who worked at JFK International Airport in New York, was arrested at his home in Brooklyn and is in FBI custody.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65889741","title":"Delta baggage handler arrested for alleged $250,000 theft","url":"/US/video/delta-baggage-handler-arrested-alleged-250000-theft-65889741"}