Democratic candidates show support for striking auto workers

Sen. Bernie Sanders sends a strong message to GM as union workers strike in Detroit.
2:41 | 09/26/19

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Transcript for Democratic candidates show support for striking auto workers
Now to the negotiations he did indeed the United Auto Workers strike against General Motors. Which are now in a new stage union sources say top negotiators from both sides are involved as opposed to work being done in committees who are smaller issues were dressed. Meanwhile Democrats running for president are showing their support for the striking workers ABC's campaign reporter Adam Kelsey has the latest from Detroit. Cater to name Tenet you may be able to see rate over my shoulder a group of General Motors workers who continue to walk on the picket line there are 46000. United Auto Workers at 55 different GM facilities across the country. Who've been out of work since early last week. When their most recent contract expired labor union leaders have been at the bargaining table but she and leadership trying to hammer out things like better pay better benefits to try to keep. Plants like this one right behind this year Detroit opened this was actually supposed to those early next year. Which so many things here in 2019 has become a political issue as well with several of the democratic presidential candidates. Visiting and a walking. On the protest lines we these UAW workers Elizabeth Warren was here in Detroit on Sunday. Joseph biting down in Kansas City with eight different group of workers over the weekend as well we just heard from senator Bernie Sanders took. Particular issue but GM's decision last week suspend health care payments for reviews workers and he had a theory direct message for General Motors. You got a corporation. Deborah same day Pitney. Yeah dot com. Let the clock when the economy wipes out. You have got an operation that made 35 billion dollars it rock beds in the last. A lot of corporation that is pay to see you all want these two billion dollars they're not that Tony should. And an economy that was split working people not just put billion and it's. Thank you very much with a good. That gives Sean. Colleagues say the general. Don't village unit at the track that is. What ultimately labeled a pistol. And throughout the day passing cars have been honking their support. For the striking workers but in the meantime labor union leadership continues to negotiate but General Motors and that we've heard reports of a little bit of progress doesn't seem like this strike will come to an end. Any time did this mean. I think Saddam and one source does say there's -- opening contract can be reached before the weekend if talks continue to progress. The union trek is entering its eleventh day.

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{"duration":"2:41","description":"Sen. Bernie Sanders sends a strong message to GM as union workers strike in Detroit.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65872887","title":"Democratic candidates show support for striking auto workers","url":"/US/video/democratic-candidates-show-support-striking-auto-workers-65872887"}