Democrats gear up for 2nd round of hearings

Former Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp says Democrats need to focus on how the treatment of Marie Yovanovich by the Trump administration affected American foreign policy.
4:06 | 11/15/19

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Transcript for Democrats gear up for 2nd round of hearings
Joining us now with more thoughts on today's proceedings are ABC news consultants Alex costing us. The served as a strategist with the Romney campaign and former democratic senator from North Dakota Heidi hike camp ID. So what's with you how effective were Democrats on day one and what do they need to do in today's hearings to effective. I think one of the things I disagree with what Spence said earlier is that they're gonna portray her as a victim. What they're gonna say is the victim was American foreign policy. And that she was complaining not because she was being removed. But that there was these statements on Fox News there was this concerted effort. To diminish her and what everybody needs to understand is this isn't your typical ambassador who gave a bunch of money to a campaign who got a post these are career diplomats. The topic crammed a look round of the State Department and win. One person is is treated the way this ambassador was treated your going to see your reaction act chain reaction. All the way down the line and I think that. The most important thing for the Democrats to show. Is hollowed this effort and how current treatment affected foreign policy as it relates to the Ukraine. And as it relates to Russia. And Alex coming in now what about the Republican side what are they trying to do and was out effective. Well I think it Tim Jordan has the shouts his questions like I think that's not effective. I might disagree slightly with the good senator Todd camp. I think she's right about one thing though the Democrats for trying to make the point that this undermined American foreign policy. Which is a huge mistake for them because it's almost as if Democrats are shocked shocked that Donald Trump is president of the United States and good heavens. He thinks he's supposed to make foreign policy when everybody knows these two wonderful bureaucrats State Department bureaucrats we got to testify. Why they testified how wonderful American farm policy is now the establishments always done it. And Donald Trump didn't do it that way why he went around them in and tried to be more aggressive in changing as well guess what. Donald Trump actually is president of the United States he can't undermine foreign policy he makes it it's the bureaucrats who didn't want to X acute. Donald Trump's farm policy were undermining. American farm policy. And I think a lot of your shall wait a minute. So this is just the Democrats objecting again to Donald Trump and I think that was a big failure for the Democrats and the success for the Republicans. Republicans were able to say that she's been going on three years. This is a political effort by the Democrats. They've had a hundred reasons to impeach Donald Trump over these three years. Obstruction of justice Russian collusion Jay walking and now it's more of the same so. I think that it could imagine what situation the Democrats would be in if they had just given Donald Trump. Some credit for anything over the past three years. They would have much more credibility today they don't. In writing question for you I'm curious in the left especially 24 hours it seems like we've seen this shift in the language initially were timeout quid pro quo and now. Keep hearing the word bribery do you think that's because it makes it more accessible term to the American public words that have to do more with the fact that. Bribery is specific outlets to specifically outlined in the constitution. As an impeachable acts white. Think clearly they understand that using Latin phrases that the president readily adapted. I'm basically repeating over and over again that that wasn't going to be ex lavatory to the American public. And that you really need to put this in a context and using language that the American public understand so. Clearly it's concerted effort to. I'm better communicate their complaints and I just want to mention that you can control public policy and foreign policy. But not for your own personal interest in America and that's one of the challenges that the Democrats have is convincing people this was not a legitimate policy changed. This wasn't that 88. Personal political motivation. That drove these changes in the Ukraine.

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{"duration":"4:06","description":"Former Democratic Sen. Heidi Heitkamp says Democrats need to focus on how the treatment of Marie Yovanovich by the Trump administration affected American foreign policy.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67040134","title":"Democrats gear up for 2nd round of hearings","url":"/US/video/democrats-gear-2nd-round-hearings-67040134"}