Denver Home Harbors Crime Family's Past

Resident of Victorian house found booby-trapped mobster hideaway during renovations.
3:00 | 11/02/12

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Transcript for Denver Home Harbors Crime Family's Past
On the outside it may look like any other historic home in this north Denver neighborhood -- of the basement but inside -- The secrets of gangsters paradise you're good enough and are finally revealed there was for all here when -- -- bought his 1891. Victorian on Osage street. It needed some TLC so he started to knock out the walls and the balls. Started the talks we're knocking it out hit it right here we're smelling matches as -- they've. You know being constantly lit Feeney says buried in plaster he discovered a road matches ended up following. What I'm calling a fuse it went behind the cabinets. And it led to. These candidates packets ticked up against the wall matches fuses newspapers. -- feels his new residence was rigged so you think this house -- booby trapped. I do I think that might have just been away. For them to. Quickly make a distraction -- -- found out to the first homeowners here. We're Denver's most infamous connection to the mop up they were great for selling papers former Denver Post columnist Dick crack wrote the book on the small Dolan family. Which basically ran the city's underground gambling from the thirties through the seventies they were sort of be level gangsters. But I always tell people weeks still love them today because they were are gangsters gangsters who needed a high and to reduce some foundation footers in the back half of the house and before long -- found that two in the -- it's like they almost had stuck over the entrance to. -- started chiseling away and and found the little seen the -- -- door finally opens leads to a hidden chamber. Empty now but once filled with secrets OK so I'm inside this room we're Denver's most notorious. I'm Stanley kept things hidden that they didn't want to be found what I see are two concrete walls here the house's back this way. And then there's a dirt -- here where -- the homeowner thinks at one point there may have been a tunnel. So you can get -- this of monogram. -- -- -- -- The house belonged to 82 year old Eugene small -- grandparents the story goes that once during prohibition police raided it and found the liquor. His father and uncle took the rap -- -- rose. Nothing like it. Nothing at all and while small don't doesn't believe -- -- booby trapped house to burn cracks says during that time. There weren't series of unsolved murders. Almost all to the advantage of the small -- family I don't think he stayed in power for forty years being nice guys. Not that business so far though Feeney says he hasn't found any evidence of foul play only photos and letters and a bottle of police and school -- If only these walls could really talk Jaclyn Allen 7 NEWS.

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{"id":17629478,"title":"Denver Home Harbors Crime Family's Past","duration":"3:00","description":"Resident of Victorian house found booby-trapped mobster hideaway during renovations. ","url":"/US/video/denver-home-harbors-crime-familys-past-17629478","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}