Denver Zoo debuts new lion cub to public

After months of careful planning and weeks of nervous anticipation, the Denver Zoo finally welcomed a new male cub to its pride of lions.
4:27 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for Denver Zoo debuts new lion cub to public
And to better it is currently home to two groups alliance that we. Right of free females. And and we also. Bachelor Bryant wore male runners four boys that were born in the same letters. It is fantastic here reminds us want my favorite jobs I'm I'm particularly love. The prospect of cars horses. Those that manage how they interacting. So that is really fun things there's obviously a science to it. But then there's a real kind of art to like trying to read behavior in trying to understand how can we set up different situations different environments. Help increase the cohesiveness. Genetics are huge part of why. We're looking at when we hear. Breeding animals are when we receive recommendations from the animals delivery. Also looking at behavior. Look at different aspects of the individuals so the hope is once they're bringing your typically looking just around three months. About normal reliant. Gestation period. That's got Hollywood really meaning they care department in Philly in math teacher I relying really heavily on his keepers at home. Manage. Moving wall transporting up hospital. So it's a very close relationship that's about teamwork really. Department. Their primary purpose of our future was to remove every minute plan that we put in the year ago for consumption. While we had a great season and we did a whole diagnostic work up. His blood work X rays ultrasound it. For the full reproductive examinations. In healthy people like to get her pregnant and hopefully avenues that are online hubs. Our last lion I mean here at his they catch up much larger letters that we can have anywhere. No one. I. It's if he would definitely would love to have a pregnant I'm here after reading. Harry so it's gonna be under this little and it's probably Susan. We have a six week old outlying 'cause the little boy eight. Currently has no name are you doing the eating contest with our public. That might just rest just like mom lives and times. Berg an old rusty gonna bring him out today hammered again that we are on hand and is due to overall. Exam and his currently. Driven around we'll do about six point 05 killing us tech is. Clive is you know his belly and that the prisoners seen and a anyone that he may have gotten from his family dating a little rough play with someone while the intent you know for anything going crime and luckily. Hurt us come in his mother now live at this is her second later. Her third cup and volatile and he is very trusting of her keepers and her staff so she'll actually allowed life to her away from him. And she knows that. We shall see him go sing after that look very hot and being a mom she kind of went debris went wild. Though still leave and go with her family eat and then we'll come back in afterwards and milk. See he's okay Lucius learned that it is cocaine that he trusts us to let us go in and take care. Is that you would realize she's cubs before she's proved to be if it passes mom so I'm optimistic that she's a great job.

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{"duration":"4:27","description":"After months of careful planning and weeks of nervous anticipation, the Denver Zoo finally welcomed a new male cub to its pride of lions.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65703172","title":"Denver Zoo debuts new lion cub to public","url":"/US/video/denver-zoo-debuts-lion-cub-public-65703172"}