Derek Chauvin’s defense team cross-examines Lt. Johnny Mercil

The defense questioned the circumstances of the use of force and neck restraints.
15:17 | 04/06/21

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Transcript for Derek Chauvin’s defense team cross-examines Lt. Johnny Mercil
You were asked a series of questions about whether this is and her name appears to be a trained Minneapolis. Neck restraint. Yeah. And you say no. That's correct but it is you you you had hedged a little bit concerned it may be some other training. For us. What without training these. Using body weight to control. However I'll add that we don't. We tell us distinguish from the neck when possible and if you're going to use bye week to ten to put it on her shoulder and can be mindful of position are coming into this sound. I'm just to do it message right to display a couple. This is. Page 41 exhibit 146. Just show this to the request. Can you see that sir. And. Sir. It's his. This is are in again. But in this bottom corner here. Jane do you see a photograph of an individual. I've been demonstrating how to handcuff a person desert and that music Crosslin nacco of that individual cracks. Years I was partial. Across the net basis and the ocean view from missiles. Two maybe yes she is a prospect and so that's when we're talking about prawn handcuffing. This is a specific kind of photographic demonstrates the placement of a knee hasn't applies to. Chrome handcuffs are correct sir. And ultimately if that person were to be handcuffed and circumstances dictated. The officer would be permitted to continue to hold his knee in that same position and create. I would see yes. However we've cautioned officers then be mindful of the neck area and to look for the shoulder professed. Her. We can take this down. We take our. I'm here. When it sure you work has been introduced. As exhibit 56. Charity. And you see that's her Mo aware. Yes. And appears to be believe. Yeah who appears to be the paramedic checking the carotid pulse of mr. Floyd yes. In your experience. This is a party and in this exhibit 56. And your experience would you be able to touch the carotid artery. Yes and he was placed on the crowd and are. Knows. Certain showing what's been marked for identification purposes as exhibit 10451045. Can you just generally take a look at them. Yes. Now in terms. Do you recognize that this appears to be a still photograph taken from the body worn camera of one of the involved officers. So here's the yes. There's a time stamp garment that indicates may 25 2002 when he 20/20 332. Just. Continue to see. Two officers. In this area here. Holding mr. Ford. Does and between Cruz. Here does that appear to be the placement of someone officers. Me. Everywhere. Yes. Does that appear to be. Across the shoulder related. To the base of the neck. Ownership interest in the cross shortly I don't know my entire room years. You just. I would offer 1040 fires June. President according that is received. Permission to publish. We cleared out of so what we're seeing here again this is. A 23 and 32 seconds correct. Yeah and obviously this is taken from one of the body cameras and here you can see. Down in that area the letter placement. The officer correct. Yeah and based on your observation of this photograph it appears that the Sheehan is coming from the top of the shoulder. Across the shoulder quite correct yes and an independent B appears to be better angle pointed in orders. The squad car cart. We can take this donor. Parents who. Like the defense attorney Eric Nelson Spanish and technical difficulties pulling up one MP. Sure sure and what's been marked for identification purposes. As 1046. Does that appear to be a similar. Engel. Yes. And I apologize infection. Two Marines. Mark and and fortified and pretty sucks. Again can you see what appears to be the placement. These legs. One of the officers. Have to shoulder related. Mr. Floyd. The result. You can see in this area here. What appears to be a factor or the calf area coming across the shoulder correct. Yes sir again need a time stamp is 1026 and forty seconds. Yeah. And does not need placement appear to be similar. To. How Minneapolis or she's made similar to the placement and the previous exhibit. The last season was sir yes yes and that was roughly a couple of minutes after right yes. I would offer exhibit 1046 and you. 826. And forty cent torn 264. Worms or person scissors and permission to publish. So again it's a little harder to secede in this particular photograph but if we look in this general area here. Correct you pretend you can see. The placement of in the correct. I was you don't hear that please and yes. I have here we have what appears to be an issue and coming over the top of mr. Floyd's children who have. That's good news and that would be angled in towards the Smart Car correct. Current. Take the afternoon. Syria and showing you what's been marked for identification purposes as exhibit 1047. Does that also appear to believe. Steel frame image taken from a body worn camera Minneapolis police officer. Yes. Time stamping each morning seven and 49 seconds this morning 2740 none correct correct. And it appears that the officer wearing this. Body worn cameras house stood up correct. There's a different angles are yes. From higher to lower craft. Laura. It appears that the cameras at a higher angle looking down years. And can you see in this photograph. What appears to be the need and shouldn't placement of the officer. Yes sir. And would you agree that it appears that the movie is placed in the center. Between mr. Floyd's patrol reports. It is he who shall woods and yes. I offer 1047. Injured. Don't presume has received permission to publish here. So again here in this particular photograph. You can see the placement. Mr. Schilling's name. In between the shoulder blades of mr. Floyd to craft this. Happens to be great here. That moment when the carotid artery is being held paid invited him to. Just. We can take this film. He won last photograph sir. Again does this appear to be a photograph taken from her still frame image. Okay. Minneapolis police. Body camera. Yes sir time being turned when he made and 29 seconds just. To me tornado tornado torn inner. Tony Tony ordinances which would be 82820. Enough courage. And again can you see the placement of officers children's me. Yes sir can you see mr. Ford had. Yeah. I don't offered tongue 48. And yours and. Ten birdies received permission to publish. And then again it's a little hard to see here. You can see mr. Floyd's head in that area. Yes. And mr. showroom officer showings in between the shoulder blades of mr. Floyd. Yes. Does this appear to be a neck restraint. Knows Jesus appeared to be prone. Hold that some an officer may apply with his name. Yes. Take that donor. Do. Now you've few. And talked about taking. Any. Person in the prone position. After they have stopped resisting. To call talking month yeah the end. Are there are circumstances. In your career were you have had to use your body weight to hold a suspect down. For longer periods of time and saved two or three seconds. Yes and aren't there times where you have had to use your body weight to use to hold a suspect down for ten minutes. Somebody should. Helps me over ten minutes. I don't recollections. Is it possible. Just lost. And there are circumstances again that an officer have to take into consideration in terms. Continuing to use their body weight. Regardless of whether the person is resisting or not resist and. Let's sure. Sometimes an officer is as calm called for EMS correct. That's current and sometimes an officer may hold the person. Using their body weight to restrain them awaiting the arrival of the IMF's current. Yes you done that yourself. And sometimes you have to ensure it wasn't fair to say that you've had to train officers. To use their body weight to continue holding them. Until PMS arrives. As long as he didn't control and yes. You'd agree that. A scene where forces been used. And a crowd can congregate and is voicing their displeasure or their concern or whatever you wanna say. There can be chaotic situation for an officer. Yes. And you would agree also that what you touch screen Minneapolis police officers to do it relevant to their use of force. Is to consider the totality of the circumstances. Agreement yes. And you train officers that the decision to use force is from their perspective. Yes you not to perspective. Hindsight being torn torn. That's true that's the specific policy of Minneapolis police department. And we'll trend vs commerce. Back that is encapsulated or incorporated into the Minneapolis police department policy on the use of force current current. Because situations are rapidly evolving correct that's her and sometimes just because it. In the incident just ten minutes long or twenty minutes long. That doesn't mean that it can't instantaneously. Change. Just heard from. What may not be a threat 12 can be a threat the next. Carruthers.

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{"duration":"15:17","description":"The defense questioned the circumstances of the use of force and neck restraints.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76903333","title":"Derek Chauvin’s defense team cross-examines Lt. Johnny Mercil","url":"/US/video/derek-chauvins-defense-team-cross-examines-lt-johnny-76903333"}