New details emerge on Jeffrey Epstein's death

An investigation on the death of the late Jeffrey Epstein revealed he was in his prison cell alone when he was found dead; sources claim the jail staff did not conduct required checks.
5:52 | 08/12/19

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Transcript for New details emerge on Jeffrey Epstein's death
We begin with what is turning into a bizarre story Jeffrey Epstein the millionaire and registered sex offender charged with the sex trafficking of minors. Died by suicide in his jail cell in New York City over the weekend his death. Leaving more questions than answers I want to bring an air guitar ski right here with me and we also have Luke bar in our DC bureau. Aaron I'll start with you. You broke this story on Saturdays I just wants you to explain to us how this all went down. Jeffrey Epstein was found at 6:30 in the morning on Saturday and responsive officially but but our sources. Told Luke and I that it was fairly obvious what it happened at the outset. That he had. Died by suicide a hanging and the paramedics were called they tried to revive him unsuccessfully. And he was formally pronounced dead. A short time later at a nearby hospital and that touched off an instant investigation by the FBI and also by the Department of Justice inspector general because the attorney general of the United States. Was said to be livid over this as Epstein was about to face trial next year on counts of sex trafficking and sex trafficking conspiracy. Absolutely and Luke for clarity. He was on suicide watch before. I want to know was he on suicide watch at the time of his death. Among the you don't know he wasn't indicate it reports that indicated an that he was off suicide watch. It and in there's a big difference between being on Suzanne watch convene a special housing unit. Where he was house which is that. You know when you're in the special housing you're checked usually every thirty minutes news we were on suicide watch you're checked by a officers every fifteen minutes. And clearly reports have indicated that he was not on suicide watch in the view he has that confirm that in a statement that we can. And so Aron when this happen and I'm just that morning lots of documents had been released regarding this case what do we know about those documents and what were and what we're in those act. The moment it's purely coincidental that the documents came literally hours before Jeffrey Epstein took his own life but the documents are part of a civil lawsuit. Filed by a woman an Australian woman a Virginia Roberts who said that she was traffic by Jeffrey Epstein the lawsuit targeted. He is alleged madam is how she's described she's a British socialist socialite again and Maxwell and she was sued in these documents. Thousands of pages. Were finally. Released in unsealed in and day. Speak to the bold faced associations. That Jeffrey Epstein kept. Virginia Roberts said that she was. Meant to have sexual relations with. The former governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson former senator George Mitchell. Including X and an Epstein himself all these men have denied. By the way even an association with this woman. And say they never met her through Epstein but it only fuels. The the conspiracy fire when it comes to at steams death because of the prominent company that he once kept and who may be. If not. Joyful necessarily who may be okay with Epstein no longer being in the picture because had he stood trial. Who knows what he would have said publicly to a jury. Yet what would have been uncovered. In that courtroom so Luke you know what was the protocol they also and there were reports that his cellmate was removed what's going on in this investigation. So this and there are a lot of unknowns are now Kimberly you know. The protocol is usually when you're in special housing you can have a cell mate do you paternal a lot of questions as to. What happened it we reported last two weeks ago that. Epstein I had a cellmate at the time that he. He's tried to me to try to commit suicide. Of the dissed their a lot of unknowns and Indio. FBI are investigating right now hopefully you have some answers soon. In the air and we can't talk about this case without talking about the victims who. Really won't seen justice. Not in the way that they certainly had hoped I remember sitting in the courtroom after Epstein was first charged and he was brought in before a judge in. Blue prison scrubs. And one of the the alleged victims commented that that at the defense table in in a prison smock that is where Jeffrey Epstein the long and so that. That satisfaction that measure of justice to have allegations aired in a criminal proceeding. Will not continue however. His criminal case does continue and federal prosecutors over the weekend noted that he had been charged with conspiracy. And takes at least two to tango in a conspiracy as alleged and so the possibility that other defendants may be named in the case right now it was only Epstein in the indictment but. There's certainly the possibility of others charged. And federal prosecutors and the FBI still want women to come forward. If they believe they were trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein and the feds are promising to continue to evaluate those accounts. And before we go is anyone going to be blamed. If you will for. Him dying. Well there there's clearly a number of failures as as Luke says we know that the guards were supposed to check on on inmates in special housing where Jeffrey Epstein was at MCC Manhattan every thirty minutes that protocol was not followed. He should have had a cellmate. He was found alone. There are cameras in the cell block but more not sure than anywhere actually trained on his cell and if they were. We're not even sure that they were working so there is clearly. A number of failures here in the attorney general William Barr who's been speaking in Louisiana. At and on related event just said he's appalled. By the failures at MCC Manhattan. Yes I'm so Luke bar in our DC bureau guaranteed Hurst you right here with us we appreciate the updates guys.

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{"duration":"5:52","description":"An investigation on the death of the late Jeffrey Epstein revealed he was in his prison cell alone when he was found dead; sources claim the jail staff did not conduct required checks.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64927968","title":"New details emerge on Jeffrey Epstein's death ","url":"/US/video/details-emerge-jeffrey-epsteins-death-64927968"}