New development in the search for missing siblings from Idaho

Their mother is expected to be flown back to Idaho after waiving her right to an extradition hearing in Hawaii. Plus Marcus Moore walks us through his encounter with Vallow's husband at a gas station.
6:24 | 02/27/20

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Transcript for New development in the search for missing siblings from Idaho
There are new developments in the search for a pair of missing siblings from Idaho the mother of the children arrested last week her son and daughter they haven't been seen since September. Laurie Val appeared in court again today after being arrested last week. She's expected to be returned in custody Idaho after waiving her right to an action addition hearing. Our Marcus Moore tracked down the children's stepfather in Hawaii an Aston some of the same questions that authorities have been asking for weeks. Where are they children we're gonna talk to Marcus and a minute but first here's a story. It's okay. Chad day bill breaking his silence at ABC news is there anything that you would like to say to people at all who remember when. Concerned about the kids are concerned about you. And you write anything at all you want to say. De Ville refusing to answer questions about the whereabouts of his innocence that children. Seventeen year old highly Ryan and seven year old JJ fallow and can tell me yesterday bill are hard to get good. But I did okay. On Monday day bill was spotted visiting the whole wide jail where his wife going fallow is being held on a five million dollar bail and glory. That little seed in this recently unearthed video. Competing for mrs. Texas in 2004. Facing possible extradition to Idaho and criminal charges related to the disappearance of her children last September. I hope there is justice and opened children. And another twist a court document alleging Dallas niece Nathalie Boudreau knows where tightly and JJR. But he's refusing to cooperate with police in the document filed as part of an ongoing custody battle not Lee's ex husband Brandon seen here in this photo. Also alleges Boudreau is involved in a COLT. Were numerous members adults and children alike have been being killed off like lines police say they searched Bhutto's residence. Located right next door to battles home and as Idaho apartment complex back in November as part of their investigation. That barring it going to hear it there. Four months questions have swirled about battles alleged involvement in her children's disappearance. Police say the 46 year old lie to them about Jay Jay's whereabouts when they conducted a welfare check last fall. And that she and they feel left town the next day. Fleeing to Hawaii which she was arrested last Thursday police say Dave bill received at least 430000. Dollars in life insurance money. After the death of his wife Tammy which is now under investigation. A forties alleged that was enough money for Dave Ellen battle to quote travel and hide from law enforcement. And Marcus joins us now from Hawaii with the latest would just learn from that hearing Marcus. A lens of a hearing just wrapped up a short time ago and the judge. Deny it lowered bellows request to have the five million dot five million dollar bond. Reduced and also a significant development Laurie of aloe voluntarily waived her right to an extradition hearing all there was one scheduled for Monday of next week. Where she would fight the extradition back to Idaho that hearing is not going to happen. Instead the agents from Idaho will be coming here to Hawaii. At some point in the next couple of weeks to take her to Idaho to face the the charges she's she's now up facing in connection with the disappearance. Of her two young children who Lindsay. At this point we still have no idea where they are in the midst of everything that we've watched develop in this case. And I thought it was unusual that when you have that encounter with with lorries husband that he wouldn't even say they're okay or if he knows. Would describe what that interaction was like with him. Well Lindsay keep in mind they have been here in Hawaii now four four months. And they're the search for the children has been going on as you know authorities in Idaho had given Belo a timeline or deadline to produce her children physically to them. To let authorities know that her kids are okay but in that time they have been a four time they were holed up in a Condo here. But outside of that they have been carrying on a light normal and and so has Chad day they'll even after his wife was arrested so he's been making trips in and around town. And then we caught up with him at a gas station here on Kauai island. And it was the prime opportunity to to ask him that very question that people are wanting to know across the country are the kids okay. And when I asked him are the kids OK I wasn't sure what the response would be. But he said no comment and he said that he couldn't comment because of the advice from his attorneys. And I saw this as an opportunity for him to really tell his side of the story. And at least give us some sense of whether the the kids are okay. But as you heard in that peace all he would say is no comment and he also was thankful and grateful for the support. That they have from some people as they work through the legal process here. But Lindsay interestingly. And surprisingly among some people in perhaps not surprisingly depending on who you ask he. Always had no comment of the direct question of asked twice. Are the kids okay. And despite its is last point really quickly you know obviously is is really complicated case with a lot of layers but tell us about that latest development that was. Revealed in court the basically one of the relative supposedly knows where the kids are. Yeah that was well that was incredible claim Lindsay came out as a result of a custody battle that's been happening. Involving Laurie bellows niece. Not only allows keep her ex husband. Made that claim in the midst of this custody battle memory has now come out her attorneys have put out a statement. On her behalf number one thing she has absolutely no idea where these children aren't backed in the statement they released today they say that she strenuously denies the the innuendoes and allegations that that she knows the whereabouts of the missing Palo kids. And that she has done. Any thing wrong. They also made the point. Contradicting the claim her ex husband made that that she hasn't beat. Then cooperating. When law enforcement officials and that she is not a part of any cult. All right Marcus Moore for us this is just. A saga that continues. Really. Plot thickens kind of story we appreciate you live from collide tonight.

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{"duration":"6:24","description":"Their mother is expected to be flown back to Idaho after waiving her right to an extradition hearing in Hawaii. Plus Marcus Moore walks us through his encounter with Vallow's husband at a gas station.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69244182","title":"New development in the search for missing siblings from Idaho","url":"/US/video/development-search-missing-siblings-idaho-69244182"}