Diane Sawyer on Amanda Knox Interview: 'You Decide Who She Is'

"The View" revisits the four years Knox spent in an Italian prison, and how she felt demonized.
5:00 | 04/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Diane Sawyer on Amanda Knox Interview: 'You Decide Who She Is'
-- -- not to remember -- made international headlines in 2007. When she is accused of brutally stabbing her college classmate to death while they were about studying in Italy it was quite a case remember she was demonized and caught and the -- she was caught a Bob hopping drug using slinking around called laden met -- could have been worse -- she spent four years in prison before being found innocent. -- 2011. Now Italian authorities. Want to make a new trial and a Mandarin speaking out for the first time to my colleague Diane sorry she has also written a book. Amanda not by -- by parents Diane site. -- tonight so we're not. You're shaking hand I have a little bit accompaniment. -- -- fundamentally what -- to come. An estimated. This year IIRS. That we. And red carpet itself. Amanda Knox was recently released from prison and she has written a -- which is called. Waiting to be heard write and he's not -- to be heard from him. Self -- what is she doing there is a possibility we'll talk about alleged that the Italian outside his good -- back what -- -- and -- -- She's now back in Seattle she's back in school. Still has panic attacks sometimes. Still being chased from the paparazzi sometimes and she since an incredibly. An incredibly -- Redick. Metaphor she says I was crawling through barbed wire for all these years and I thought I saw the horizon. And this court ruling said -- Just more. In fact election may have to go back she may have to go back but did the very least this case is going to be on tribal. I asked that if she has to go back. She doesn't -- -- to -- she will not actually in the first round when they hear the case not necessarily but if she's found guilty if she's convicted there. There. It's a question whether the US will have to decide to extradite an extradition. Agreement with something we do but it's an ambiguous question about what is double jeopardy. Here -- Vera all of these courts sentenced. So her freedom. Is on the line and every question tonight and every answer tonight and yet she would have because she said she's waited too long she just waited too long to talk. But you know we talked a little bit about the introduction but she was demonized. You know Potts mark game slipping around cellphone. Yeah -- Why did she get contact what did she get that reaction and how much time -- Welcome to I'm -- to come tonight. Really truly you've had these interviews to I want everyone to come -- look at her face and look at her eyes and I what you did decide who she is. And I want you to decide about what she says at one point that basically. You look at every other web site of American girls and imagine what happens if -- were used to try. Come get them and -- and so you choose different look -- my eyes and situation is she looked in your eyes and the last -- -- the question I -- coalition. I did. She is. All I won't say because. This is one and don't -- in my life. In which I really want to make sure you come with your own thoughts so polarize people are so polarized about her I want you to come. Looked and make up your own mind. What she is an ever -- missing that tells me is riveted I am. And I don't -- what I won't tell me -- -- won't know how to make you what I had. Because I'm going to be really -- -- Arquette -- because we're gonna get to this clip because she was sentenced Amanda Knox was sentenced to 26 years. And four of those years she spent in an Italian prison. You asked her what that experience was like let's take a look. See you -- it felt as if I were being sealed into a tomb. Yeah and the -- was my life it wasn't the prison it was smile what I. Did you think about suicide. I did. Yeah and -- interesting -- as -- restricting as prison assuming you can't have their own nail polish in the room for instance. There are plenty of ways that you could kill yourself and people -- it. And I imagined doing them all. She claims that when she was in prison the inmates and -- workers in the prison. So have -- may sexual advances towards -- there were some who did there were some who were very kind to her. And she had at one point of America and cellmate who was in on a drug charge for a brief time -- they stay sang the star spangled banner up every morning when they woke up.

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{"duration":"5:00","description":"\"The View\" revisits the four years Knox spent in an Italian prison, and how she felt demonized.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19075992","title":"Diane Sawyer on Amanda Knox Interview: 'You Decide Who She Is'","url":"/US/video/diane-sawyer-amanda-knox-interview-decide-19075992"}