Diocese declares bankruptcy amid child abuse cases

The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo faces nearly 250 lawsuits and counting.
2:26 | 02/28/20

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Transcript for Diocese declares bankruptcy amid child abuse cases
Some big day. For the diocese and also for quote the people of Western New York. Because we understand that the decisions that we make going forward. Impact on the lives of so many. Most particularly are survivors. But also everybody that works and understands the mission. That the church to really be the presence of God's love and art community in every way possible. Obviously the big question that we have right here is that. In order for that it be loved and all of that there has to be justice asked to be a sense that we're doing things right. And that we're doing things fairly. And that we're doing them in a transparent manner and I know there's been a lot of of. Payne created by what are perceived and I think rightly saw many cases of being ways of doing things that we can't continue to do in the future. So I see this day he as an opportunity for us I won't use the word reset but I will say for us to really focus on what our mission is. So that we can purify. And do it better and to do it in a way that is collaborative and that is open and that is transparent. I'm very very aware that it words are easy to say in its actions that count. So my hope is is that going forward regardless of the mistakes we'd have made. Regardless of these suspicions that they rightfully have been raised about the way things were done that going forward and is seen a lot of action. That will result in very fair resolutions as much as we can I set this right from the start on this is something that is. To me is essential to the mission of the diocese. I do not see victims' survivors of sexual abuses people who we get settlements to you know that one of the things that always calls me. It's when I hear the word package you know here's your financial settlement. Be happy go away I do not want survivors to go away. I want to walk with them. I wanted to be with them and I want them to know that they are essential part if they wish to be in awe anger is obviously a big part of the process of healing. And you know I've used the the analogy of Stanley many times and it's because they really mean business dot does not something I just say because it sounds good. I really consider every single person including our priests who may have abused people as part of our family that I'm responsible to take care in some way. Even though and realize that they have been disciplined in this and cases isolated.

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{"duration":"2:26","description":"The Catholic Diocese of Buffalo faces nearly 250 lawsuits and counting.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"69289021","title":"Diocese declares bankruptcy amid child abuse cases","url":"/US/video/diocese-declares-bankruptcy-amid-child-abuse-cases-69289021"}