Disabled Carnival Cruise Ship Docks

The Carnival Triumph arrived Thursday night in Mobile, Ala., after five days without power.
3:21 | 02/15/13

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Transcript for Disabled Carnival Cruise Ship Docks
The cruise ship carrying more than 4000 people docked about forty minutes ago it's the end of a nightmare week. The ship left Texas last Thursday and what was supposed to be. A four day luxury cruise but on Sunday. A fire erupted in the engine room leaving the ship powerless and drifting at sea until Tuesday when tugboats began to steer -- ashore. It was a slow called -- -- wild card slot is now coming to in his final is July pictures of the triumph of triumph tonight is that chip has got. And what a mess on board squalor not luxury no toilets you're on the -- Very little food and passengers -- so anxious to leave get shouting get a meal that could take hours. ABC Marci Gonzalez is dockside in Mobile, Alabama where the ship just doctor -- Good evening Chris ship came into -- -- here about 45 minutes ago and -- and passengers have been standing on their balconies cheering. Because there -- nightmare on board is almost over. -- -- last miles were the longest as passengers on the carnival triumph sweated out their final minutes aboard the luxury liner that became a squalid prison ship. The -- left port eight days ago with more than 4000. People -- But an engine -- fire Sunday left them mammoth vessel -- helpless giant. We're -- in the Gulf of Mexico with no power sewage seeping down walls and scarce rations. Conditions on where the -- -- very challenging. For passengers it was a night. There are toilet sort of exploded all of the place. And we've been on -- percent. Carpeting in the hallways soaked in urine the heat and -- forced passengers topside where they put up a kind of shantytown. Living in the open. And -- on deck. He had. It's coming in the Arab foreigners should -- knowledge terrorist -- there's you know there's now a -- One sick passenger was -- them to safety this woman finally got to speak with her young daughter of the war they're eating I'll present day. Cucumbers and -- today meeting tonight yeah. Once and -- that passengers' ordeal Steele isn't over the demarcation process could take. Ford -- five hours passengers will be reimbursed offered a -- cruise and 500 dollars some calling it a final insult to the long suffering vacationers who. If not seasick. Our shortly sick of this scene. And now many of the passengers are standing on the balconies cheering loudly. Still were told they may not be able to disembark until early tomorrow morning -- Gonzales ABC news Mobile, Alabama. Marcy you wanna ask you to stick around for a second and and if you can hear us I assume you can. -- tell -- the scenes like for the family members that have gathered outside how close are they being allowed to the ship that is now -- There -- pretty close -- -- close enough to be able to see it it's hard to make out the faces but. There's just so much excitement here some of them are holding up signs they're cheering loudly they've been waiting for this -- -- for. Far too long way far too long hard -- Gonzales reporting for us from Mobile, Alabama where this. Triumph ship has just -- Marcy thanks for the report.

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{"duration":"3:21","description":"The Carnival Triumph arrived Thursday night in Mobile, Ala., after five days without power. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"18509000","title":"Disabled Carnival Cruise Ship Docks","url":"/US/video/disabled-carnival-cruise-ship-docks-18509000"}