Disney's Day of Giving kicks off in Times Square

ABC News' Adrienne Bankert tours the studio at "Good Morning America" where celebrities and ABC News employees are answering phones and taking donations to benefit people impacted by Hurricane Harvey.
7:38 | 08/31/17

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Transcript for Disney's Day of Giving kicks off in Times Square
Good morning to you welcome to our day of giving ABC partnering with the American Red Cross to help support there was families displaced and ravaged by the flooding. It is just been catastrophic across parts of Texas especially to Houston area Corpus Christi. And also that rain affecting parts of New Orleans right now before I give you a little bit of the backstage of what is going on behind me I want to just give you an alert. We are streaming live this morning on abc.com Ross the streaming are Good Morning America YouTube channel. As well as on these look like a Good Morning America feast that page and there are three ways the you can get you can call. 855999. Give. That's 999 give all donations are going to be going to the Red Cross you can also text to get out he'd never text to give. It's super easy you can sit at ten dollar donation very simply all yet to do is type the words Harvey. As in the hurricane turned into the tropical storm. Harvey 290999. On your found just tax. 290999. The word Harvey and ten dollar donation come off of your monthly cellphone bill. And you can't call in and we're going to be actually answering these phones let me just show you a little bit. About what's going on here he got panels of people we're going to be having celebrities come in as well helping us answer the phones a lot of our staff here today thank goodness for our crew. I think it is for those who worked behind the scenes everything will be helping us to put television on their actually going to be meeting without bounds. So that when they calling or would you call in you can be able to get that donation. To the American red cross and to those families who are in need many of them have had to leave their city leave their home with nothing left behind just the clothes on their back. As we've been talking about it reporting on our news every single day and thank goodness for the reporters the producers. All the crews that are down there. Wading in the water literally as so many inches of rainfall. It's just been devastating and so honest and a walking through here. We're still kind of setting up because 7 o'clock we will go live with Good Morning America. But this is the day of giving you also can get by going to Red Cross dot org slash EEP c that's Red Cross dot work. Slash EBC and make a donation online if you don't do on your tax to give. You call in on the only think it could be an experienced calling on our phones if perhaps agree to hear back permanent accurate talked to my frank. Danielle. Hi. We're here live. On base but I hope people that a lot of our staff is here meaning aunts just tell me why you think this is important. I thought you get back in the it and that's the music and sound. Not all of us to go down to Houston and actually be air seeping Isaac be seen so many times this is one way that anybody can get right its release. Yes very simple pleas and him down pounds and meet you and thank you sir appreciate. We really appreciate you at all of you guys. Actually waking up super early I came in at about 5 AM. If Gary dozens if not. Hundreds of people here helping to make this actually a reality. We've already got some of our audience members and they stand in line outside our building making sure to be a part looks like you guys where you guys from. He doesn't really seem do you have any family or friends affected by the extreme rainfall that's. As. We have we've had flooding all around us in on a lot of people that still have not finished rebuilding and recovering are worried about. Is hitting them all over again soon everybody's on pins and needles yet not too long ago years had a pretty big storm and the pumps weren't working properly so the water rose so fast and in this. Threat of tropical storm Harvey coming and along if you get a New York have been checking back at home. We flew up Wednesday so we were delayed coming in we were a little worried and we had rain coming in from the airport. We got here safe and sound insofar everybody's time and Harvey's skirted past us. Not hurting us very badly. It's definitely weakened and we're so thankful that. The worst of it is over at the rebuilding and recovery still yet to be so thank you guys for coming and it being a part of our audience thanks for being patient as we get ready for the show. Okay we're gonna walk back here I just got a note from somebody I wanna find out where my producer Tony is he's actually. Pump helping media like work all these things out behind. You with me. Bridget goat you are Tony might as well get on TV into sadly. Everybody Heidi and Tony producing. What it deepening. Well we have a line here is really. I'm an hour earned master's and sees its producers. Putting together the seating charts at. Let's talk to her now. And it looks like she's kind of deep in conversation that's wildly I think. We didn't erupt. Well let's let's jump into the middle of it. I think you so much for being our mistress of ceremonies here. One of our senior producers tell us a little bit about what you. Well I'm. Well this is exciting isn't it get into what we're doing here it they're trying to agree it's. Environment where. Authorities its members these songs and giving being used to people that are don't mean it's incredible thing to donate across and so we had celebrities are coming immediately he. We ads on the was I mean lottery tell oh. And you get to talk to him line which is pretty incredible you know and it's also incredible to donate so basically called Red Cross Tony and it's awesome because to see these guys I mean we've seen rescue repeat seen everything euros to Houston. And now he's what he's saying I can't he can't upon a lightning. Exactly a lot of heat in connection and it's not less and played for many years and it's an excellent businesses there and he's in it and it's really something important for Roger Goodell will be here is teens that are there. Have Drew Brees now we have JJ watt who I mean. Easing credible his charity. He started his goal was to did not not some odd billion dollars important right and it is in great people's mobile's Lawson talked to her she beat down. And she. Decided to basically go to I'll turn suspects are working. Like this undated amen Al really get an airing against Terry that's incredible mix of people that I beat out they are until the from scanned all. I'm seeking here now in all right yes. Through that how you have a lot of back to camera she came through the night is here and she'll be here is she wanted to support it she lied to help. And she went answer phones and she went up it or not that's like stuff like that is coming at how many hours do you think that you may staff and ABC staff has. In terms of making this possible hundreds of hours under. Hundreds of hours and clean nights last night and before you know Terry Lee did you sleep tight it's back. Lots lots you know lots of coffee not coffee with tackle. Albert got sentenced yesterday it helps. You know we have robins air she's back and it Sheehan strong connection. With with this whole thing it. They were excited at robins air and I'll help and Amy George and you know everyone earning acting like Austrian and message if you really. Aren't. Exactly that it reached out. Might be something. Everyone's been doing a call when it makes it ought to probably get a lot of work happening US and the lady. After your artwork ain't you being in. Ever going to be on the found a little bit later on the let them get back to work we're gonna walk over here in fact. Robin Roberts is back which is very exciting and we're very grateful for her. Coming back from vacation to be a part of this amazing amazing show.

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{"duration":"7:38","description":"ABC News' Adrienne Bankert tours the studio at \"Good Morning America\" where celebrities and ABC News employees are answering phones and taking donations to benefit people impacted by Hurricane Harvey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49534369","title":"Disney's Day of Giving kicks off in Times Square ","url":"/US/video/disneys-day-giving-kicks-off-times-square-49534369"}