Dispute Over Snow Removal Prompts Shovel Attack

Massachusetts man was arraigned on an assault and battery charge.
3:00 | 02/19/14

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dispute Over Snow Removal Prompts Shovel Attack
Police say a light film and used as snow shovel as a weapon -- is neighbor ten not only on five he tells us why he did. What did I lifted -- Schobel and. It does happen. Talking exclusively to news center 540 year old -- Haskell says he didn't mean to hurt its neighbor. He was simply acting in self defense this past snowy Saturday night when -- -- mine plowed. Known -- driveway. Kind of was like whoa you don't and that's. -- -- you know canoes he had just finished shovel when now. That's when he says his next door neighbor stopped his snowplow use -- garbage truck. Came up my property and to my walkway in. He was there right I just reacted no words were exchanged. You know just a shovel bam bam. I got engaged this 61 year old plow truck driver doesn't want to reveal his name her -- says he intended to talk to Haskell but got beaten heading chest instead he went nuts over this -- police arrested Haskell in court today he was -- -- assault and battery I'm sorry. Regis collectively do not want him in the nipple and minimal I think we're gonna probably -- And to relocating. No word on whether that move may happen in the meantime -- school will be back in court in March after the plow truck driver he has some contusion on his chest. But he says he plans to continue to -- its neighborhood. For free. In Lakeville Kimberly -- WC EB news center five.

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{"id":22582091,"title":"Dispute Over Snow Removal Prompts Shovel Attack","duration":"3:00","description":"Massachusetts man was arraigned on an assault and battery charge.","url":"/US/video/dispute-snow-removal-prompts-shovel-attack-22582091","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}