Doctor, Teacher Wife Indicted in Painkiller Scheme

Police say a North Carolina doctor and his wife illegally obtained 25,000 powerful painkillers.
1:37 | 07/09/14

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Transcript for Doctor, Teacher Wife Indicted in Painkiller Scheme
That's scary that's really -- -- -- Zobrist corruption -- scheme appears to be on the top of everyone's mind tonight. It -- -- channel nine was first to report a grand jury indicted China grove doctor ordered walker. And his wife Abby and six others most of them teachers. Within about Wayne county schools they shouldn't be Jason China grove investigators say doctor walker in his wives -- the ringleaders of this major prescription pill operation. In order to feed their own addiction. They say Abby walker who used to work here at Bosch -- elementary. Convinced several people to go along with the scheme police say those people include -- coworkers. Alicia Christian Tammy unity. And Mary -- it rains and Teresa C groves from -- school Indianapolis summer Thomas and a teacher at Southside Christian academy in Salisbury. And her -- crystal maintenance according to police they are helped to walker and her husband a doctor -- main -- family practice. -- -- -- -- -- -- Police say doctor walker wrote 200 illegal prescriptions in their names they would pick them up and then -- the medications over to Abby walker. And the most terrifying part for parents police believe the -- exchange operation was done at several schools here -- -- county. Tourism will offer the channel nine we tried to get a comment tonight from several teachers named in this case that family of teacher Tammy -- told us. But some local parents at a lot to say. If they're doing this then. Obviously we don't and teach our children.

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{"id":24486113,"title":"Doctor, Teacher Wife Indicted in Painkiller Scheme","duration":"1:37","description":"Police say a North Carolina doctor and his wife illegally obtained 25,000 powerful painkillers.","url":"/US/video/doctor-teacher-wife-indicted-painkiller-scheme-24486113","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}