Doctor says vaping is dangerous but still a mystery

Dr. Rose Marie Leslie explains the differences between healthy lungs and lungs affected by vaping.
4:09 | 09/18/19

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Transcript for Doctor says vaping is dangerous but still a mystery
And we move on even with all of the reports on the dangers. A Beijing we know that kids and teens will continue to bait but this is a full blown crisis that has resulted in multiple hospital reports of severe lung infections and at least. Six reported deaths so. What is the teens are not paying attention to the reports on the CDC articles while you have to meet them where they are in their online. Which is exactly what our next death next guest does she's a family doctor and but making it her business to reach out and away. That teens can relate in a space where they live and breed. One tick tack to take a look. I just on X ray images. Other purse and who has the new mysterious disease associated with face and I'm in a walking through what it looks like. It's pretty shocking. Here isn't normal test at street for reference this is the trachea or the breathing tube. The is kind of dark areas are your lungs your ribs are the white lines and then this rate here's the heart. So this is the chest X trail of the person who has the new mysterious disease associated with me being again. Normal lung tissue should be dark like backed. The rest of the longs are completely waited out on both sites. My rights I want to bring in 29 year old doctor Rose Marie Lesley from university of Minnesota north memorial hospital. Doctor allegedly so good that you're here with us you're like it's true millennia old doctor could. It's also on the you have almost 200000 followers on tick tack how did you decide to use this platform. And I stumbled across take stock and found it to be this really didn't think full creative and fun social media. I was completely you eat. There were a lot of adolescents and young adults millions really making the population in this social media platform. Are relatively few medical professionals. And I really felt like it was a space where I fit. And it and use that information that I know if feeling innocent residents of. I think it's amazing I think it's so cool because. You're reaching the kids right where they need to be in kind of showing them. The information firsthand it's so Klain an easy to understand instead of Reading through all of these reports. What has the response been from the people who are on tick tock the teens. Yeah there responses then. Quite I have received many messages that people who are asking we are they can find links to further information. And a few people have reached out to me and then she eyed senior videos and I decided to quit. Of course any time when you explain the risks and H Abbott that's perceived as cool. And there will be negative responses and I'm people upset you know I'd been I didn't date being here you think. Those experiences are real and they are valid but despite those experiences. The risks Billy best and so. I just continue to get health information easily let the CEC is putting out intelligible. Way in this space teens and young adults. Are all. Again just before we go I just went here remind people of what the dangers are because we can't you know highlighted enough so just remind us. I salute you so. This is the dizzy is that it's still quite mysterious we don't know what's fun about it yes. But what we do know is that women were pregnant teenagers should not be using any. People who count each shortness of breath. Any chess game any fever should immediately. And seek medical attention. And a boy all here Burton Smith. Or are you. Black markets and TH CE or eat cigarette products. All right doctor Leslie or right there at the university of Minnesota thank you for being with us and kudos to what you're doing I think it's Soes so important thank you so much. Each year.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Dr. Rose Marie Leslie explains the differences between healthy lungs and lungs affected by vaping.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"65696167","title":"Doctor says vaping is dangerous but still a mystery","url":"/US/video/doctor-vaping-dangerous-mystery-65696167"}