Behind the Scenes at the Westminster Dog Show

ABC News' Olivia Smith takes us behind the scenes as the dogs are getting ready to compete in the Westminster Dog Show.
18:57 | 02/16/16

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Transcript for Behind the Scenes at the Westminster Dog Show
Hey everybody I'm on the divide you're watching ABC news digital and all the others. Rejoice the annual Westminster Kennel Club dog show. Is back and at 3000 dogs this year actually competing for the ultimate prizes for Puget. That'd be best in show title at 80 and Olivea meant it there for act. At this scene of all the accident today. Olivia is one of the oldest sporting tradition in America that can't a lot of new stuff happening that you're still what's going on where you are. Yeah right I'm never hear it here it may seem in 94 in New York they eat. And eat the dog they're going in patents regarding the theaters upgraded its use every category. Think they're seeking actively here than the on scene that's itself at the garden. We're gonna beat the bacteria can sit back and number eight go around it and it's so you all the knowledge better it may carry it went up behind him right out yeah. I'm we're not a lot actually show. It's hot it's an iPad being screened separately online. Yeah that's and help find that they want to competition but right Albert. I think that not looking at it eat it. It love loving dog I am currently there hair and the outrage that some think he adds that three out of her having little girl than their parents. The pretty pretty fun that and it left intrigues you L Miller I shared with the fact that yelled out and they can't thank you for having me. On the net paying it it is one of the oldest sporting event in the country starting in the late eighteenth at me it. But about the Austria then. Share while our first show it at 1877. Applaud that means it was before the light Bob Bennett before cars were invented the dogs has been going on a very long time. And it means a lot of the city BR it's always been India. Do you think your new green here outlet I'd agree that people are looking at here. Well we have Evan Greene making their debut this year and it's very night and because its start. What mr. there's only one in so it's your first time here Breeden. Walk out on that green park back in front of all of them television viewers and every online viewers watching it's very night. And then digital lock around eight. Let me Jackson looks Laurie it beat the cubs playing at that I did what people may not know that it's it's what the judge thinks that the act of debris. Search each breed cats are written standard of the ideal. The ideal German shepherd her example let's be certain pipe laying proportions. Here that all of that teen. Everything is hand written in standard that judge to study and know them and an idea now. And so the dogs aren't really being compared against each other they're being compared to the written standards is this dog closer to the ideal. Great and it let's just walk around hearing and it actually people and the dog. Look Courtney beat you one other that I can't be fat. Real merit if they're really going on that a dog named it rumor maybe an eight rate that year it back for act. While took the top Tony dogs all came back this year which is that night but the number one dominant country right now is a German shepherd. And she is here and she did more in the herding group last night so. The good chance but so did other dogs and best in show when you get to that level. You can't go wrong they're all beautiful dogs. Great helping Ethan is speaking at that I'm getting continued its more now American bellowing let's get this kind of sneaking view of the room. If he could get look around. On net there are many people here that the split over eighteen years here ninety key lending eat the lack any acts they eat. And did that early line competition for its eighth eighth the last day in judging its been going on thirteen days now. And money they're gonna pick the back. And swell but let's look at that family that failure keeping your name I. Thank you Ari handler and dog at that this but this does not scarier. Registered to actually Broxton accidentally important. I think that we're. About it that's. But haven't I think and act someone hired you and had he would take it got out and show the dog right that's correct that's not actually lives with us. It is an eagle California. Wheat conditions trim it. Begin propane yeah yeah I have a question Miami upstairs. Yeah I know. Dog get. At this level I mean another a lot of dog owner that there are looking at the thought of being like. I'm kind of looks like that our or maybe not. But how dog actually get to that level to be trained and they compete locally before they get Westminster not the campaign that. Yet at the great question and go on our anger back market confidence on that level for people like home may not know. Like the judges are. Looking for. I think let it hang I think great that the plane what to think that meat and so that's good news. He is the way he's comes from a line of do you let your champions. And now we campaign our dogs or dogs throughout the year. You know including all shows all of this country so he gets to Dow despite being one of the top winning dogs that he does leave the company mail. Exterior 2015. Answered this training and it's played big part of it manner at how the dog presented golf at the end he's a natural born showman and 88 Allen thirty is beloved. They can't not liking it got my god. But he's looking out but the big on name. Microphone like I was playing with that on the net. I can't exceed do you practice that make you bought it had not that hard in the snow we we deal that we show. Over Alley closed 150 shows ears that he gets a lot of practice. I think it is speaking and that. Okay on now and then watching it you're just getting in now written platinum hair on setting me aren't they eat a pretty exciting event and. It's time in Denver by way of an audience on. Yeah down where it is those little yellow cubbies act like it operate dressing area every for the dogs to prepare Al look at that popping. We go outside and look. I get rid. Forget even putting them into big dog eat that pundits apparently though little art where that dog park at. Our way it's not held on during the day before they got it. You can eat people here at the end up. They're cracking heads on first look. They're grooming kit that watched it crash hair it's just worried yelled at each and iniki did anything and there's Donny Don. This is a favorite people that read I'm not worrying about them. You know getting she route that before they got dot com. And if they keep going down here in the season point on the other hand maybe that it's apparently. I. Eat a lot and I did it come back to make it out the end. Your name meaning at least I think that can't let your dog being. Name is Leonard. I think about a I'm the only guy didn't the black flat and cracked he's a black Labrador. That special treatment flat that the judges look for Gary handler at Bob. I'm an owner can't learn correct and this is actually the owner of the dogs and eat eat eat yeah. I think when things got a Labrador that judges look for basically the breed standard is this morning got a dog that can move with a free mover. And it you know function informed and free and Lacey act and in. I'm just a sweet temperament in new you land dotted all around all the dog that's great with kids good with people. Catch the kid like you aren't and you might accidentally by my head in the hotel rooms. Friendly and sees this week one. You don't want satellites have done it really is no I did not sit and eat here really love there is not more in the they're our kids before anything else and that's a wasted day I'm you know we asked a lot of them are on the road their second streets for days. And and they do a lot the F the F a lot of and then we'll live for us so they are you really are. Last you're an actor I'm actually landed the number two Labrador last year the foreign minster. Time and we've worked really really hard. And he's this again once a lifetime dog and his dad he's actually here from California. On his daddy C mystery animal and he was number 1000. Since it they're meant you know what it means you want it it's not isn't anything. Is. We actually island new sports Wear me down on got his mother years ago and I just got left. Sound. And she walked in the door CNN copies he said the kinds and I are. Didn't go off on the road you know he goes comes back home games outfit I don't want him on the road all the time I want him naked and my mind. Yeah he got the not to eat eat eat claim and I'm like every like I have nine dogs at home. I rescued. At twelve plus year old that was dumped off in a shelter last year with. And and I have his little brother who is more muscles than we have four of them my thirteen fourteen years. Easy and it keeps getting its fair few more years of late now I'm actually reading his sister waiting for her to come and so he'll be an uncle did because it. Hayley yeah I am I am. And for the lady there he downed lines of these are like the elite athletes of the dog world what are some of the pre competition ritual like out of Leonard. Get ready to compete. Right and yet they're ready and your that they need them that it athlete of the dog world. Get ready but it and special check that he doubted. Basically. It's just training and confirmation so different from your skill training. And you know. Obedience I mean he doesn't seem to actually had the CDC we do taking ninety within three minutes to six and he goes down he knows he's staying. And that since he's been baby he's been. Train I mean he's always just been really dead only minutes and has paid attention to what you want and he now he wants to please you and that's another thing about this week. Like how hi it's John or is that this mentality and he and obedience and a different different other competition. Leads judging and standard Riordan a breeding stock. Actually. To protect competition that level and it didn't think it. Let you know are they the fact that they're bringing and yeah and his commitment and consummate agility and now at eight. Yeah that the city on it better not even have been contest. The rate I think ultimately speaking at that time. If you think. About planning. And I mean. I think that Rick and walking around I know it it's an Annie. Well in that there it's not like I'm not pregnant I've got my whole life. And love. I'm real love. Dot well. Here is handling this in comedy and the fact that not Englander I I am the guy. It is getting guys and it got this excited about anything seen lots but right now we've seen the grooming product that that is. Dear friend. I think more than thirty minute I got down here is on the evil of getting through that long. Lots and help and they get rest how you can even trying and really gave it. Back home. Pickett and and he did not god is it clearly adding it up along an act and who actually though he did rumor that they here. I know you're right now they read like AB CE. I can't believe that about what you're. Eating right this isn't thinks interior is on and if ETA's that is soft hands that very pitches but I'm just working on right now. This says trimming the Coke into the property sheet. Hi that the abstraction that got the very you'd lose it but at night to help around the eighth and a public eat it eat. Here that I'm here on it tonight at eight that happens here on. And not much care on the night but that's on our plates well end up. On the night I'm really at the meeting that we did not get at that guy it's it's going to be find out it's not about how to treat a look back. This is exactly have abated because look. NASDAQ had cast and ended their ears and then hadn't theories they need it. Yeah really held out little out of getting excited CNN. It then evening and the team excited and not. Unfair get variation in my feelings regarding dogs who penned. It there. The great brief very very fun. They're generation did you think that they're getting reasoning grandmother started in on them and that there and then I started chanting and I'm. How let me think how can eat and hitting it hard. I peers look so quite awhile I like long dog lover here. Anything that's I think that they're going to be looking for it. It really having Andrew much bare outline looks like. On the dogs and their expression how well they showed their ring not about the chemistry is speaking at that and lack. A 8000 now. We're getting seat mile a lit up at around their realm. And again here aren't at Westminster dog snow in new York at east. They in the last day of the competition and that they Wear the preliminary judging take place again here's he EC and 94. In Manhattan. And can eat the dog still on Tibetan hottest thing in. Square garden still leave yet this weekend. As writes at if you happen to incidents before. They basically go through the group stage right to the have to win their group at its sporting or how under whatever and then the seven that's dogs across all those groups. They don't want to compete for the ultimate title at bats in show that right. That's reckoning that debris. They're gonna eat eat the beginning hear it you think that that's of those green and then and you look and you gonna pick at in the snow. Rain and winds not. We'll win that I don't hear that Dominic. And here at like he had been about hair on it's rumored that that agreement the German shepherd it may get at. I'll tell you now thanks. They couldn't keep it that erected here and everything. You never coming out and you can't really help them get away and went and a hot dog flat yards without thinking aired. It all in the air this week it really eating out the pretty nerve racking Vickie Allen and love their god battle nuts. And really spent a lot of time can't bring groups late. Or they love them and we love being imagery you can sell it the more of the pops around there they get ready. Yeah I know I didn't really see it live advocate and want to eat it I think. He'd already getting them at times and thank you you're seeing these beautiful big this. Yeah yeah let's hear it. S and I like dogs and either got nothing happens com ID but yeah. They're getting at any of it and I'm not happy god you know. And I can't wait to Everett it was. Right I'm down there at their perspectives camera ready I have a question William not good you can ask him if you know. But I have a rescue dog at home and a lot of folks now have mixed breeds of I don't know what breed their dog and could. So I think he handled that at Westminster is there a place for Freddie those mixed breeds have rescue dogs there isn't (%expletive) your friend. Actually I'm I'm pretty sure did hear Brad. That didn't make it right here is ADV at best it can't eat eat eat it. I can out. When change. It's not that are tracking dogs and breed dog I did not answer that only trip here rights not only purebred dogs. I thought to be thankful ultimately I have Brad god I'll keep my dog at home pronouncement. Yeah and any interference deep regret he dog rather got tickets eat or Wear it on our most dog competition entry exit door here. It's no different here reds but I there are some venues where excrete dot. And I think 80 evening news are at started some mix cream venues I'm not as familiar with them. I mean they accident that this. Your friends yeah I think yeah thing in the air like anything. Barak Barak and look at the gala last it is but it is an employer arrow it's a boy named stricter. There are that he did not yeah thank you now night. Comedians here and again and he doesn't Arlington since their gardens may result in Eaton Clinton underwent I don't only one dog got that. An eighteen in the emerald hopefully bring them behind the scene there as well. That's that standard any Olivia makes around and make them more friends among some of those puppies I want some really big hairstyle but yet want dogs with the current learn. And now the big boat let's find some of those later right. I'd be lurking on it. Found dead all right that it. 88 Olivia that live or at at a 140. Annual. Westminster Kennel Club dog shows that's gonna check act with a Libya later in the afternoon for now I'm on the Nevada in New York.

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