Dr. Richard Besser: New vaccine guidelines are 'credible’

Former Acting CDC Director Dr. Richard Besser discusses what surprised him about the new CDC vaccination guidelines and why it took a long time for them to be released.
4:10 | 03/09/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Dr. Richard Besser: New vaccine guidelines are 'credible’
Let's bring in former acting head of the CDC and friend of the show doctor Richard bastard thinks so much for your time tonight doctor. Due to be here Lindsay. So as we've mentioned the CDC is now out with those new guidelines today for what fully vaccinated Americans can and can't do. As a former acting director of the CDC you know how many considerations going to guidelines like this but. You've just took too long every more than 31 million Americans are already fully vaccinated and have had to figure out a lot of this on their own. Yeah you know IITQ what is slow one of the one of the slogans that you have and public health and in emergency responses. Be first be right be credible and sees he missed the opportunity to be first. But I think the guidance they came out guy is credible it is based on the best available public health science. I hope is we learn more that that the kinds comes at a little faster. Let's talk now about where there seems to be a bit of gray area. Visits between fully vaccinated people and unvaccinated people if you've been fully vaccinated should you feel comfortable seeing an unvaccinated friend. Not in a high risk category inside without a mask. Gas and that is it is something that may have surprised some people in the guidance that they do allow for that. There's the feeling here is that these vaccines that we have are highly effective highly protective. And the risk is too the individual who's in that setting who. Is not vaccinated Sophia it's an individual whose. Low risk of having serious illness. This CDC's saying you can be together in so that opens the door for. Grandparents. To meet with. They're earned their children and their grandchildren. And have that kind of contact and I know for a lot of people. Just the movement toward some semblance of normalcy. Will be a great emotional release and I hope for some people who've been on the fence about getting vaccinated. It will encourage more people to do so. Talked about emotional release let's talk about maybe that physical release of traveling again. The CDC said that it's not updating its travel recommendations of requirements for those who have been fully vaccinated but. We've seen some stage dropped quarantine rules do you think that this has the potential to create some. Confusion and as well as frustration as we know that people have been cooped up for a year now should someone feel safe traveling to see their family or small group out of state. Well yeah it sounds. Clinton that guidance is in the works and it's something that is he is definitely needed people need to know is it safe to get in a car and drive to visit people. Is it safer now that you're fully vaccinated to get our New York claiming go and visit people. This is something where as more and more people around the country are getting vaccinated. And estates or are opening up and and removing restrictions will want to know where the CD CE fits on that did that guy Wednesday. Big Dick currently is out there whiz was in place before there is any vaccination at all. And so people want to know how that will change with the currency to vaccination. And a new guidance also does not have specifics on restaurants or other businesses just last month doctor felt she warned that fully vaccinated Americans should wait. Before they start eating inside of restaurants or go to movies are you worried that this might cause sudden it's more confusion as well. Well there there there will always be confusion but I think one of the concerns here is that with new variants spreading around the country. This science is in the end in terms of what level of protection you're gonna get from these vaccines and so in in a household setting where you can have some control over who is an air. And whether that the people you were wit there are people who were low risk or higher risk. There this TV she was an ego but buddy in a restaurant especially in states that are now moving towards 100% occupancy. Doug potential exists that someone who's fully vaccinated or the science is named to know where someone is fully vaccinated who's been exposed to a variant. Could spread that to someone else you don't know whether you're around people who are at higher risk so really it's clear that they weren't willing to go there this time. Doctor B always appreciate your wisdom and insight thanks so much.

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{"duration":"4:10","description":"Former Acting CDC Director Dr. Richard Besser discusses what surprised him about the new CDC vaccination guidelines and why it took a long time for them to be released.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76330367","title":"Dr. Richard Besser: New vaccine guidelines are 'credible’","url":"/US/video/dr-richard-besser-vaccine-guidelines-credible-76330367"}