'Drunk' birds are dive-bombing cars

The birds are causing havoc in Minnesota.
0:44 | 10/05/18

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Transcript for 'Drunk' birds are dive-bombing cars
Park Rangers in Minnesota are finding out that well varies in birds they don't mix some areas which have prevented earlier than usual usual because of early frost. Are making birds drunk they're flying while intoxicated and crashing into cars and windows and just causing Havoc. And these birds just gorge in gorge in court on these Barry's. Ends and aid don't Knight died justice quickly and then soon they're intoxicated it would be like chugging a beer. Wow how it all comes back to Beers everybody loves beer paying. But their greater said that one bird was so don't think at this channel make a deep top box where the bird could lay down. And sleep but off absurd it is like pilot feared that. I'm as fair.

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{"duration":"0:44","description":"The birds are causing havoc in Minnesota.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58306297","title":"'Drunk' birds are dive-bombing cars","url":"/US/video/drunk-birds-dive-bombing-cars-58306297"}