E3 Expo excites video gamers with new launches of franchise favorites

The Los Angeles convention presented new games for "The Avengers," "Halo Infinite" and "Cyberpunk 2077." Keanu Reeves even made a surprise cameo at the event.
3:48 | 06/11/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for E3 Expo excites video gamers with new launches of franchise favorites
This is the place to be if you're a gamer. LA this week. An hour mean Oakland is there at a Los Angeles convention sinner with more are remain and give us the goods what should we be excited about. Kate hand. Some here at. RD starting to roll in and I wanted to use your Ryan Caffrey who is the executive editor at ITN. I for a couple days already Hughes. Our heat's hot here probably is still at the holy to go Bryant what is in the most interesting thing you've seen so far. Well there's been at have been a few things already would even before the show floor officially opens Microsoft officially kind of confirmed their next generation console project. Code named project scarlet. Are going to be together that can do up to eight K resolution I don't even in a four KTV in my house yet. They're doing some crazy stuff with hard drives trying to get rid of loading times he can play faster in place sooner. So it'll be very curious to see how the did the rest of that unveiled goes over the course the next year does that. That console won't be until holiday of next year holiday Tony Tony so. That the promotional torch starts now for the next generation Xbox and Sony is expected to follow suit sometime early next year and release around the same time. And then really that the other two big things so far. Are both team properties that that are familiar to everyone there's a big big new marvels avengers game that's just been unveiled in. You can play its four players each of you can choose your favorite avenger and played together. With your friends on lines. There's there's a lot of exciting potential there and then. Course Star Wars. There is big deal news stories being called jet I've fallen order. Which is from one of the pre mere game developers in the world minutes it's added it's a wonderful thing that. That the license. Is held by a EA and they're able to partner up with Reese on entertainment the original creators of call of duty. Back in the day their team had originally critical to be so. It's it's really it's a great match in and what we've seen in that game looks fantastic so far. And I think we're actually in a demo that Star Wars game for you guys later and we saw AK TVs at CES. They are pretty meticulous so I'm excited to see what that game like as well and I want to ask over the weekend there was a Keon worries cameo did you see that re air for that. Yes that took everyone by surprise that was during Microsoft's Xbox press briefing. And it was four cyber punks when he 77 which is in itself one of 2020s. Big games which we got to see a little more on at. And it's a big open world role playing game you know it was with a cyber punk aesthetic and you can kind of be whoever you want to go do whatever you want. And at the end of their new trailer. I think I you know like and scifi augmented character leans down and you see and it's key on a reason and piano comes out on stage today. To announce the release date of the game in April it's won a Tony and it was he was such a great sport about it he didn't just read off the teleprompter and he was interacting with the crowd and and really just. Being me he's he's really riding McKeon who wave right now he got to thank you freeware is on such a role but by all accounts to such a genuinely amazing human being. So yeah now is a wonderful moment this week as well. Thank you so much Ryan can't. Yeah and Armenia before we go I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that your not a gamer but what's it like covering these events. Well likely he was pointing out the gains are coming out I'm just excited to demo them and see how much I suspect that fact that's I think. I think you guys can look forward to on ABC news that. I was then think you're mean and thank you guys have a good time.

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{"duration":"3:48","description":"The Los Angeles convention presented new games for \"The Avengers,\" \"Halo Infinite\" and \"Cyberpunk 2077.\" Keanu Reeves even made a surprise cameo at the event.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63637278","title":"E3 Expo excites video gamers with new launches of franchise favorites ","url":"/US/video/e3-expo-excites-video-gamers-launches-franchise-favorites-63637278"}