Early votes in Texas exceed state’s total votes in 2016

Democrats see an opportunity as the traditionally red state could be a toss-up.
4:09 | 10/31/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Early votes in Texas exceed state’s total votes in 2016
More than eight Millie 884. Million voters excuse me have already got cast their ballots nationwide that's a record by far for early voting and in Texas. New battleground state this year at least. Nine million people have already voted and that's more than the number of votes cast in the lone star state for years ago. ABC's Marcus Moore joins us now from Dallas with the latest markets. It seems like suburban Dallas one of those places were early voting is really spiking what that tell you what are you hearing from voters there. Why do you hate Terry first of eight it's actually remarkable when you consider that the number of boasted of already been cast in this election. And in a state that historically. Relatively speaking has had and low or very voter turnout. That is not the case this year this election cycle and I was in rock wall Texas are earlier today. But what's is a city about thirty miles up about thirty minutes east of of Dallas and I was talking to voters there in one room insult me. But she voted early. I'm because for a couple of reasons sudden a number one I'm she wanted to avoid the crowds. And she was also concerned about mailing in her ballot because of everything she's been hearing about potential delays. And they're not being a guarantee she said that her vote would actually count and so. Terry that's one of the reasons why she voted as soon as she couldn't and on the first day of early voting here in Texas. She said she solved lines wrapped around the building in her city and so she waited to go the next day and with coal bed. With a strong grip off on the country right now she certainly does not want to go on actual Election Day. Fearing the large crowds on that day. It. Makes good sense for our. So also gone the other and inspect more than a million young voters between the ages of eighteen and nineteen the youngest of voters really have already voted in Texas how important that you thought how might it break down. Well that that youth vote Terri is is critical for any campaign. And we've seen the the youth vote. Pick up in 2018 it was during the mid term elections it was they are a significant part of the electorate and here in Texas. Both campaigns are trying to seize on that young vote. Really the future of their party. And they're their campaigns but in the years to come and we have seen enthusiasm on the part of young people here. And some of the issues that appear to be driving young people to the polls this election cycle. Our. Issues with being with the climate change and also how the economy. And then certainly social issues that have seen young people all across this country are taking to the streets and they want their voices to be heard on on November 3. No question about it on senator McConnell. Vice presidential candidate for the Democrats she's on the campaign drilled there in Texas today that the bold move in the final days where she going. And then why. It is a bold move Terri having consider you know this good the last time. Pay a major campaign democratic. A candidate. For president visited Texas in the final stretch. Was back in 1992. And that that was Bill Clinton and so that gives you up a sense of how significant it is. That copilot Harrison McConnell a Harris would be coming here to Texas. Hop on a day like today she was speaking in Fort Worth that was her first stop in Texas earlier today she spoke to a crowd of about 3000 people. A practicing social distancing there. And she's expected to go to the Rio Grande Valley which is in the us southern tip of Texas. And also make a stop in Houston today so a busy day for the Biden Harris cut cap and certainly our eight. An extraordinary moment for anyone who's followed politics here in the in in the state of Texas because for so many decades serie. Texas formally GOP. Has been a foregone conclusion. And when you look at the analysis on the pole so far in this election cycle it seems like that gap has been closing. And that protects the race here will be incredibly close adds that Marcus Moore there in Texas which ABC news is now putting that tossup category thanks.

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{"duration":"4:09","description":"Democrats see an opportunity as the traditionally red state could be a toss-up.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"73934066","title":"Early votes in Texas exceed state’s total votes in 2016","url":"/US/video/early-votes-texas-exceed-states-total-votes-2016-73934066"}