Earthquake Aftershocks Rattle Napa Valley

One winery lost hundreds of irreplaceable bottles after the magnitude 3.9 tremor shook Northern California.
7:16 | 08/26/14

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Transcript for Earthquake Aftershocks Rattle Napa Valley
California's Napa Valley cleanup and sizing up the damage from that earthquake. When another aftershock -- the region this is how it looked on the richter scale this morning could there be more aftershocks. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York today's biggest jolt -- three point nine magnitude. And experts say there are likely. To be more NBC's -- -- -- covering it all for us and looking at a live picture now from Napa and some of the damage. Makiko did you feel that aftershock this morning. We certainly felt that Michelle it was a rude awakening -- want to show you the building behind me this is one -- the oldest buildings here in downtown that that you conceit. It's completely destroyed it we've seen the crews coming around here to assess all the damage they're concerned about buildings like this. After aftershocks like today at they'll definitely want to look out for them we should mention that this -- -- didn't last as long as that initial quake on Sunday. But it rattled plenty of nerves. It was a familiar jolt. For those living near Napa California. Residents rattled out of bed after the strongest aftershock to strike since the big quake Sunday. The magnitude three point nine tremor today a reminder of the seismic dangers. And the urgency to secure damaged buildings. -- send -- a wake up call building inspectors are now going door to door tagging each structure assessing every crack and crumble. Engineer Bob Glasgow says another jolt could easily collapse damaged buildings. It's only troubling are looking around seeing the giant pieces of stone in the street. You know them the pile of bricks behind us here you know -- I mean if this earthquake what happened. You know at noon on Sunday. There would have been deaths. In the region's famed wine country that cleanup is just -- -- Brisket Johnny lost 500 bottles to wake cherished a vintage red she says are irreplaceable. And and we opened the truth. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- devastating because there were at least 500 barrels -- higher than -- had all over the middle the -- Damages from the quake are expected to top one billion dollars with wineries taking some of the biggest -- The tremor struck at the start of harvest but those like doing and Strickland say she's determined to rebuild. Climb into thinking that -- government I'm -- I'm looking around me and I'm like last man standing. And back out life here in Napa California and joined by Jack hundreds of firefighter with the city of -- he also manages that never firefighters museums. Jeff mining even kind of running around town the last few days on very little sleep and the building like this what's the big concern. The aftershocks and more -- the face coming down more especially old stone buildings more of the rocks falling. And trying to keep the public safe and out of the club -- I million than -- trying to keep the public think that today for the first time here trying to clean up the museum and tell me a little bit about. -- the damage you've seen there this is a historic museum here in town. Yeah as we've got a great collections we have -- 1948 sterling in there that. Some stuff fell on but only -- -- was. Scratched a little bit I think we can -- out. Everything's pretty much intact -- -- -- glass showcases in a lot of the picture frames. And a lot of our figurines and different things that. You know it's just we'll clean it up and move on so he had a lot of practice in the ceiling -- -- -- -- buildings pretty heavily damaged the south wall is a partial collapse on that it has been yellow tags which means we can work in the -- at -- clean it -- but we can't be opened for business. Help us understand that a little more when we talk about yellow tagged in red -- this is a red tagged buildings what does that mean and what goes into it deciding. -- the future of these buildings. The engineer sold -- a red tape means there's severe structural damage it is not us. Approved for any occupancy whatsoever so they're gonna have to make shoring up to even get in -- -- -- And what are you hearing from residents out in the fields -- he's seen some of the heaviest damage what are they telling you. And actually everybody's been -- pretty good spirits they're picking up their cleaning up. The water. The water main breaks we've gotten seventy denied water main breaks interview -- the water departments trying to get. All services back on this passes and -- so. It's just picking up and moving on as we can the power's back on that's a good thing. -- had big -- this morning more aftershocks expected in the days ahead what's the big concern going forward. More damage especially like you -- More walls coming down that can shake the Goodman library that's a big concern so -- troop crews try to come in and repair. There -- only limited choosing yellow tagged buildings that they could start repairing and cleaning up. Thank you so much for joining us I'm Michelle you know we should mention that with this latest aftershock it was a magnitude three point -- no reports of major damage just yet but this crews who have been working around the clock. Back at it again today to make sure that there's no additional damage because you could see with this building PRD have there. Islam and quite a jolt this morning that morning -- -- -- -- me an idea we've seen that the buildings -- the damage there we've seen the wine on the ground. Of the bottles and we're like oh it's just -- but this is the livelihood for many people in that valley Napa Valley and that area. And you're heading into high tourist season for many of these places where the vineyards and -- say it. About this season this scene and how Long Will take them to recover. Yeah absolutely you know and the winemakers have said this -- -- -- at a worse time because it's right at the start of -- -- 2014 hardest. We saw you know we seen those photos of the wine bottles crushed on the ground barrels toppled over and in terms of the financial damage. It really depends on some of these businesses we saw some of these. A wine bars -- stores that we're back open after noon on Sunday and then there are others out there who are dealing -- 500000. You know 500 to 1000 are thousands of bottles that they now have to replace. You heard that story that I had earlier that at least one -- saying that. You know he's it's not just the bottles -- smash Yeltsin has a lot of vintages that he's gonna have to. Try to replace in many of them are irreplaceable. -- but yet thank you very much for reporting from -- -- keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news -- and starring this story. For exclusive updates on the go. For now I'm Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"id":25134257,"title":"Earthquake Aftershocks Rattle Napa Valley","duration":"7:16","description":"One winery lost hundreds of irreplaceable bottles after the magnitude 3.9 tremor shook Northern California. ","url":"/US/video/earthquake-aftershocks-rattle-napa-valley-25134257","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}