East Coast Faces Heavy Snow, Bitter Cold

Snowfall, arctic air threatens to make travel conditions difficult.
3:00 | 01/21/14

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Transcript for East Coast Faces Heavy Snow, Bitter Cold
This is a special group. I'm Dan Butler new -- this ABC news digital special report on the polar blast moving from Chicago to the East Coast and already. There are problems cancellations and delays -- the producers try to get to a sunny California shot this video at New York's Kennedy Airport. Planes being the -- number of cancellations and fortunately growing. His flight still on for now but we'll have to check and see the -- that they could change the moment ABC's Karen Travers -- joining us live from Washington. With more on all of this Karen it's a beautiful scene out there but I know looks great not necessarily any -- It looks lovely here did DC day and the snow is just starting to come down -- the temperatures are falling some meteorologists here is saying. It is quickly going to get a lot heavier over the next couple of hours were looking at the heaviest snow here in DC. Sometime in the late afternoon through the evening rush hour which is why. Everything here in DC is basically shut down President Obama famously questioned DC -- -- kind of -- -- and setting down for snow but can get says the White House cancel its full schedule today everything is closed over at the White House is well. As DC and the rest of the East Coast braces for this major winter storm. It's time for another winter -- -- A powerful storm is bringing snow and frigid temperatures from the midwest across a wide swath of the East Coast. Washington the federal government closed along with schools and all of the surrounding areas before of late -- fell from the sky. But we know what's coming this winter blast already moved through the midwest where it dumped as much as two inches of snow an hour. Parts of Indiana are expecting as much as one to two feet of lake -- snow. Behind the snow another blast of dangerously cold temperatures Chicago we'll -- -- windchill of 22 degrees below zero. And in Minnesota wind chills nearly fifty below. It was just two weeks ago when a large part of the country was in the grip of a polar vortex gigantic massive swirling -- there that -- subfreezing temperatures. Water main breaks in multiple states cars. Throws it right to the street. This week's cold blast will come and -- cities like Washington new York and Boston won't get above freezing for d.s. And the bitter temperatures -- clear out until next week. -- this is the second time this winter the federal government has shut down because of whether the first time within December. And it only retained but yesterday here in DC it was sixty degrees -- or jogging outside in shorts but now the snow is starting to come down and speaking in some of the neighborhood just west and east -- the downtown area. And this is starting to look like a more legitimate star. OK look at least that's giving everyone in DC submitted talk a lot of them like the political issues and bipartisan. Concerns and lack of -- -- it yet it's exactly. The -- a hobby airport handling as far as like flight cancellations delays things like that. DC had a relatively minimal impact Savard and this a couple of hundred flights giving -- flood the area airports that's Dallas BWI and national airport just across the river here in DC -- begin mostly the -- and just started over the last couple of hours but your having a lot of delays. From the midwest and of course the northeast is really going to be hit badly the New -- you guys are expecting maybe twelve inches of snow in some places maybe more than that in Massachusetts so as you see this storm -- from the midwest to a large part in the East Coast -- -- mean major travel delays -- right now says they're running on time but I think you can expect that there will be delays possibly cancellations from Washington DC up through New York tonight in the early morning as well. -- and if I don't wanna bring on our flight aware of misery -- forward and show exactly how to where things are going right there. New York. And you can see Chicago Bears that that part of the circle. -- red signal delays cancellations to green means lights are on time so you again like one minute 5050 -- if you get beach yesterday on the New York. Kennedy no cancellations -- multiple delays at LaGuardia and cancellations thirty plus back at -- Twitter cancellations. There and thirty plus delays Chicago. Eleven canceled sixty more delayed. So yes it's going to be growing -- -- therefore let's get back inside to the nice warm studio tussle that more what this government shut them because this is relatively unheard. Yes I guess -- -- in the second time this winter but hanging over the last couple of years we really haven't seen -- closures due to weather. He really hasn't had that much snow this if we do get the four to seven inches expected -- be the most since the 2010. Infamous. -- -- getting here in Washington we had to back to back lizards with in the week we just a lot of snaps in the DC government and the federal government have to look at that say. We don't have the resources to have a lot of snowplows they don't have the money in the budget to put towards potential snow it it's not going to happen and so everybody says DC that's our budget wins he cancels school before it even starts snowing cancel school when it's raining but they have to look and see what the potential forecast is going to be this one does look like it will be. Good decent amount of snow -- -- otherwise have -- you can have a lot of -- parents are at home with their kids -- is all the schools are canceled. And getting -- remember that the federal government isn't just people that live and work week in the city -- -- people commute. Up to an hour and a half two hours away driving those areas argued this season significant snow especially in the higher elevations the -- be canceled out there they have to take that into account here in DC but you got is not just us down here you -- a canceling some political events to out there. New Jersey governor Chris Chris he was and -- had his inauguration today but his big party tonight is canceled due to the inclement weather south. It's not just us and you guys might be seeing some cancellations as well but -- I'll be bundled up here in DC. Listen I know I was gonna come here defense immediately when you're gonna -- -- listen. As battle hardened as -- -- -- they'd be up in the northeast we love a good party and frankly -- the -- gonna cancel it then it means business clearly -- at -- On the -- you've got tens of thousands of federal government workers here in DC not working today. So I think -- you're looking at a good time somewhere in DC if you had any of the bars anywhere around here at the neighbor I live. They're going to be packed today because people got an unexpected holiday that means a four day weekend everybody was closed yesterday as well that. Listen Karen not Tony what you should you like your story silence for the rest of the afternoon but may be doing it might get a good idea to god do little re search. I think your way and finally got just how busy those bars really are. DC area it's a business economics don't exactly however US -- and I will support to -- -- present -- Harrison Washington DC Karen thank you that. What every and all right weather meteorologist Jennifer Correia tracking the storm Jennifer where's that right now. All right now it's basically moving to new -- -- Appalachian Mountains and into the northern part of the mid Atlantic now there is heavy snow across southern portions of West Virginia. But it's definitely selling out there and Washington DC through the I 95 -- -- northward into Philadelphia. And New York City has how we've been talking about it but -- -- later this afternoon. We expect the heaviest of this now so -- still some snow and deal with -- -- later on this afternoon into tonight right now. And is it better closeup of this snow basically across southern Pennsylvania but the heaviest over Merrill -- Really impacting Washington DC and across at Philadelphia even in New Jersey and New York City dealing with the snowfall -- New York City. Do you expect heavier snow earlier on -- night this system won't eventually make its way off the East Coast -- tonight but -- pick up to the north Chinese. Quickly and the western side of the storm -- -- along the north East Coast this will bring heavy snow later tonight into southern New England so -- get ready for some snowfall later tonight. Slippery roads poor visibility blowing and drifting snow major concerns because not only are we dealing with -- we're dealing with high winds. Between twenty to thirty miles per hour. Could -- past that -- is so that would cause a blizzard conditions tonight. Across south eastern New England we're expecting six to twelve inches of snow from Washington DC. All the way into Boston still major winter storm. Coming on this almost say that part of January so we're dealing with a big mess today. And it looks like we're still even though we won't have the snow tomorrow where in for a brutal cold down he'll be brutal tomorrow. In the morning feeling like minus ten degrees and minus twenty's across the northeast now. -- along with this will this call last it looks like they'll be lasting. For a couple of days may be at least through the and of the week and that means -- We'll just have to brace and -- -- really warm out there but it's in due to the high winds tomorrow. Along with the cold Arctic air coming and that polar blast. We'll make it dinners out there to do any outdoor activities especially the morning and nighttime hours now looking at late week. We'll continue with the cold weather at least through Friday. -- -- let me ask you this because a citizen after that polar vortex here. It seems like any kind of rated -- below the freezing temperature everyone is saint the polar vortex two is this a polar vortex. Well. Two weeks ago on the polar -- tax which it does it -- as it remains. In the North Pole and it tends to -- further south especially when you have the jet stream digging wealth to the south that polar vortex could dig further south by. It's not necessarily. -- -- placing itself over us tomorrow it's just closer to us and that's also that's what's pushing and that Arctic air. The Arctic -- is being felt oddly Downey into the south east Atlanta will have a very cold night tonight. And tomorrow as well so you could call -- the polar vortex but it doesn't mean that simple polar vortex is over us. And compared to two weeks ago it's more like it's a little brother has stayed consistent to call -- that. However you want to characterize it as long as it's not we're I had -- few weeks ago that's fine by me accurate it's Jennifer careers Jennifer thank you so much appreciate it. Out west though is it different story it is drought high temperatures they're -- with there and well serves up this is the best way that they're -- with the extreme weather. In that part of the country this is -- -- California obviously the place to be if you don't want to deal with single temperature. Single digit temperatures and falling snow on the way thank you obviously to AccuWeather and ABC's Karen Travers -- -- -- in Washington DC. Stay with abcnews.com for the latest on the storm -- it's making its way up the East Coast. And on Democrats -- in New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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