Egypt Erupts in Demonstrations Against President Mohamed Morsi

Thousands protest in Tahir Square, demand Morsi's resignation.
6:03 | 07/01/13

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Transcript for Egypt Erupts in Demonstrations Against President Mohamed Morsi
This is a special report from ABC news. Again company or -- this ABC news digital special reports. More than two years after overthrowing its dictator of thirty years Egypt is again. On the break tahrir square you're looking at a live picture overflowing. With anti government protesters for now a second straight day the demonstrations. Targeting president -- more -- And his Muslim Brotherhood party and today the Egyptian army stepped in and delivered an ultimatum 48. Hours to resolve the crisis. -- the armed forces will step in and take back control of the country. We're joined now on the phone from inside tahrir square the scene that you -- looking at there ABC news Middle East correspondent. -- mark part -- thank you for being with us it is a complicated. Political calculus and Egypt what is though. As the army is calling it today the will of the people in the square. Well good afternoon the will of the people it is really complexity more say in the local political. Those people here are sitting there and square those massive -- Know what it's been a fixture at one dictator current President Mubarak for president more. They expect the Muslim Brotherhood which you mentioned he belongs to take over the man in polar bear -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But what is changing it would have been -- stress that it was egyptians to await an Egyptian deal -- -- is -- want. Well but the brotherhood and a lot more or collection of it's diversity in the government. Alex if you can explain a little bit about this 48 hour ultimatum that the military had extended out across what happens in fact if they. Do not get the resolve that they want within that two -- time for it. Well it's really quite. Unclear at that point that the military equipment and unity I think except it. These people will not be political opposition -- aren't able to get it done and come up with sort of solution which imported -- It would -- -- what he's been able to. The -- currently unclear now equally competent and take over power to all. Elements of the government which -- -- after the all of whom are. Because today we're. And don't go into a new president. Are you occupant as well as -- It's clear that within forty or not the result they are still include the the people in the streets but it will keep the country something. What the military air -- dude that showed solidarity with the protesters -- you were there explained it what you saw. -- -- current copper square shortly. After the military made its announcement puts out this old it was a celebration about -- military statement. And and that these helicopters started coming in across the square in. -- first. The ministry blinded -- -- over -- square. Ordered several. Particularly individually. Thinking shall thing and in fact weaving across. Put her approval on the square had been. Question of where the military's -- whether it -- with the pro. After until at least in what -- for the protesters back question what they're paid they think that the military is we've been. Again I think is really a remarkable sight and -- -- this thing become. What about if it can you explain a little bit because obviously back have a demonstration certainly begs the point of what is the balance of power. In Egypt there between the civilian government and the Egyptian army what exactly is at stake for the army that would that would cause them to get involved in this way. It was just what is it but it's really pay for. Egypt didn't -- elections in -- look at this country has been absolutely mired in division -- is only out. A majority in the election numbers not like these that acute political mandate he failed -- and the many think that he's been. His government. So -- with it implement -- If you combine that with the economy in -- -- tourism industry conflict detonated and hope people crisis people waiting in line for -- Thursday. You can and that division here. Country really imploding and that would -- in the army -- And an outside vehicle -- -- ask is it pushed for new elections is that the ultimate drive behind us. Well that's really the million dollar question we don't know at this point the language development in this statement that very day the intervention is clear. What are going to be implications didn't take over they did report. Didn't go very well there you protect against the military -- Well the people that we spoke with today that they don't want the military in charge this simply didn't civilian government but I think they would like the military. So they could to military -- that. A new referendum that we'll -- -- president. But that could that have been meeting that people in the industry ministry statement later here later expecting -- you. Electing him president but it's really unclear at this point there are -- -- we -- -- -- you know. All right ABC's Alex mark mark from inside tahrir square Alex he's safe and of course excellent reporting as a development situation. From inside. Egypt there as the military has given a 48 hour ultimatum on the protesters that -- being inside the square there. Demanding referendum in change. Against -- -- president Mohamed -- Forced to complete report on the instant dot com latest situation in Egypt there and right here -- -- that we're in New York. With this ABC news digital special report. This has been a special group. Report from ABC.

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{"duration":"6:03","description":"Thousands protest in Tahir Square, demand Morsi's resignation.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"19548009","title":"Egypt Erupts in Demonstrations Against President Mohamed Morsi","url":"/US/video/egypt-erupts-demonstrations-president-mohamed-morsi-19548009"}