'El Chapo's' Capture Hailed as a Victory

Leader of Mexican drug cartel is in a Mexican prison, but U.S. wants to charge him.
3:00 | 02/24/14

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Transcript for 'El Chapo's' Capture Hailed as a Victory
This is a special group. I'm Michelle Franzen in New York this is an ABC news digital special report. His capture over the weekend hailed as a major blow to the global drug trade. But now Joaquin Guzman the man they call -- shop -- may be caught in the crossfire. Border Tug of war the leader of the notorious Sinaloa drug cartel -- -- Mexican custody today but some US lawmakers say they'd feel better. If you were behind American bars here's ABC's Devin Dwyer with more. Today the infamous drug kingpin -- chop O has been cut down to size waking up for a second day in this maximum security Mexican prison this is an exceptional case. Yeah this is -- -- the largest. Biggest drug -- we've ever seen in the world sources -- chop O whose real name is Joaquin Guzman is responsible for more deaths in the US than Osama bin Laden. He Sinaloa Cartel a three billion dollar a year empire is the top supplier of marijuana cocaine and heroin. 80% of drugs on the streets in Chicago alone come from Guzman. His cartel has an enormous presence not only along the border states all over the midwest obviously the West Coast of the United States. The -- in Chicago as well. The US has not issued a formal request for extradition but it delicate diplomatic dance has begun. Of concern to some US officials. -- -- history of invasion and bribery just last week he slipped the grip of Mexican authorities they escaping through this series of underground tunnels. In 2001 he broke out of prison in a laundry basket after serving less than half his twenty year term. The -- is if he's done it once he might do it again. -- -- does not play by the rules he is unlimited resources. The manhunt for Al chop -- came to an end Saturday in room 401 of this beachfront hotel offices Mexican Marines snatching him from Israel with Al -- shot fired. And -- breakfast was still on the stove. Guzman faces indictment in at least seven US federal district courts but Mexican authorities are likely to want to try him first. Devin Dwyer ABC news New York. And with more on the story we're joined now from Washington by ABC news digital journalist Mike Levine Mike thank you for joining us. Dramatic stuff out of Mexico what was the turning point in this case who cell phone communications eventually led the DEA. And Mexican authorities to -- -- hotel room. The turning point in this case is really a week ago US authorities and set up a task force with. Drug and immigration officials and that task force was able to key in on a cell phone from -- -- those communications chief his nickname is commodore. And when he keyed in on that they got a number of cell -- that got information on a stash house and he gave that information to Mexican authorities. And you mentioned that associate that high level associate who is quick to give away the goods on Guzman. So at that point investigators began to focus on a particular -- after Al -- -- and his lieutenant Scott. Rid of their phones aware they'd been compromised however they do it. Right there is a number of wiretaps disease had been compromised but one wiretapping immigration and customs enforcement had in Nogales Arizona was still up. There they were able to extract information from that and really key in on that man Condo and where he was turned -- -- -- in -- hotel room with Ellis Hobbs though. We've heard how resourceful -- -- -- has been over the years and evading. Authorities and also escaping from one Mexican prison are authorities concerned that even after all this he could buy -- way out of Mexican custody. He had privately officials say they are concerned about the security situation there as you said he did escape but then again officials note that. It was quite surprising a Mexican officials when asked him in the first place about shows that they are serious about bringing justice of this man. You know we've talked about a lot of the impact of how many drugs he may have supplied here to the US. What about the Sinaloa Cartel they've been crippled or will they like al-Qaeda and other terror group in the Middle East soon have a new leader on the drug crime. Thank the best answer on this this time we'll tell. It's certainly has not been crippled today at a press conference the Mexican president actually said this is not a time to be triumphant. But that said now next -- isn't US authorities will benefit from this they now have the best asset for intelligence on the Sinaloa Cartel which is. The man who -- organization. Is it significant though that authorities have him in custody that he is alive and that they also have some of his associates that have been willing to give up so much information. -- sure there they're gonna press these guys as hard as they can to get information on. Where all of the associates are that exact structure of the organization and the from them how drugs are -- to the United States around the world so they're gonna really use these guys for everything they can get from. All right ABC's Mike Levine thank you for joining us out of Washington. For more on this massive manhunt. And in Mexico stay right here on abcnews.com. This has been an ABC news digital special report -- Michelle Franzen in New York.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Leader of Mexican drug cartel is in a Mexican prison, but U.S. wants to charge him.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"22654329","title":"'El Chapo's' Capture Hailed as a Victory","url":"/US/video/el-chapo-capture-mexican-drug-cartel-leader-hailed-22654329"}