Elderly couple found dead in snow

An elderly couple found in the snow-filled field of an Arizona home likely died of hypothermia, according to authorities.
1:47 | 12/09/19

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Transcript for Elderly couple found dead in snow
There was a normal Friday for Mike and Diana hos they are getting ready to take their trash out when they noticed something on the other side of the suspect's. Hours later the corner and homicide detectives were in their front yard the property it was a crime scene but it began with this coupled hoping for the past. Approached them and yelled adamantly respond. They'll have that much serfs are open of course we didn't respond. And can pretty pretty obvious pretty quick skin color. Other details that they were deceased. The men and woman were in their seventies detectives told the hostages they lived nearby and their car got stuck last week. As ash fork was getting an inch Jesus Brinkley decided to leave her vehicle the hostages front porch light. The only one that desperate couple could see we're headed to our house we believe who. Who played in my hundred yard short. For Mike we think for a few days that are removed tomorrow. It's emotional defeat the deceased were so close while they were celebrating Thanksgiving you wish you could help. And could've saved the life perhaps from. Than two lines and Mike says the husband was laying on top of his wife. Possibly trying to keep. Terrifying to point which you might have been alive under. And her her husband the other county sheriff's office doesn't suspect foul play. Bosses say it's tragic reminder to all be prepared. Because it they had left their car. I really leave something would have checked on. Mike Indiana told me they never found out who the couple was but knew they lived nearby. They see they detectives are working to notify their family some of whom live in Costa grind and others who live in Florida. In ash fork sack Crenshaw ABC fifteen or so.

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{"duration":"1:47","description":"An elderly couple found in the snow-filled field of an Arizona home likely died of hypothermia, according to authorities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"67604014","title":"Elderly couple found dead in snow","url":"/US/video/elderly-couple-found-dead-snow-67604014"}