Elderly Couple Murdered, Grandson Suspected

Washington police are looking for the 26-year-old grandson of Robert and Norma Taylor.
1:18 | 03/11/13

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Transcript for Elderly Couple Murdered, Grandson Suspected
And shares detectives continued their murder investigation of an elderly couple many in this community are shocked at what happened inside this home had could be -- motive. In this and that's the puzzling -- something to me. This. Truly. Kind people the couple's daughter found their bodies yesterday evening in now third grandson 26 year old Michael -- -- is considered a suspect in the murders. But he's -- accounted for detectives are also searching for the couple's car that went missing from the home. They believe boys in May be driving it. It looks like this -- a red 2001 Chrysler 300 with Washington license -- 046. XX you. -- was released from prison on Friday after serving a sentence for residential burglary conviction. His criminal history includes felony convictions for robbery detectives came -- door at midnight. Asking us if we'd seen or heard anything. Bironas Smith says she didn't see or hear anything until her neighbor's home became a crime scene well it's not something we're what are expected to happen in this -- -- scary. The couple both in their eighties were members of the church of Jesus Christ of latter day saints he was very very. High level respected man kindest. Softest gentlest man.

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{"id":18701887,"title":"Elderly Couple Murdered, Grandson Suspected","duration":"1:18","description":"Washington police are looking for the 26-year-old grandson of Robert and Norma Taylor.","url":"/US/video/elderly-couple-murdered-grandson-suspected-18701887","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}