Emergency dispatcher calms mom down to help save choking baby

An Ohio woman called 911 in a frantic state when her 11-month-old daughter was choking.
3:56 | 05/17/18

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Transcript for Emergency dispatcher calms mom down to help save choking baby
On one where her margin in my. Own and what. And here you. If you actually you. Scrolling yeah that I could you make it. Deep breath. Caught at the baby. Let me month old Kate turned the baby eat here. You know we're doing literally and purple. I signed the baby over on on the okay what holding your case and I want to keep it around on the back up our. Okay. Eight. I haven't really had a good luck out someone out of debt actually. And that is the baby crying at all. It was yeah. Okay you work are at record. I need yet come out so that I can assist each that it you can. And figured heating and air. OK take a deep you're not going to be able to cure maybe next your are distraught yourself okay. When it. Did someone else who. Acting they're already en route there they're going to look at you but I'm gonna give you instructions on how to try to save our county army. OK I want you to see if any can Herman now. I can not see anything in her mouth I guess you. Can't see. Our okay Lipton can hate. Your finger and Sweden earlier this see it and cramping and that you're not able to me and I'm already. Looking. OK. OK. I want you during the Coburn into. What. If it. Oh. I am still. And I got let you know that they're that they're going to be able to check out everything that what is at that she was just being on. Nice shiny and PD blue Obama didn't see a metal bar and no. She helped make it. Creeping up. I I. I'd ever. Be there to check out make sure everything and oak eight. Oak and what you are right. Up he still breathing. And seeing and maybe he occasionally into equally yeah all right I'll try it. She said she still breathing the odd she's got object out of her throat oh yeah I can't see yet accept. You did a great jobs. In your other your other son Eric can't. Know you at school right now. Anyone else there with you. Know look man anybody here it outright you know at the front door open. No heart you know company oh look at outlets open the front doors that didn't. I. On the I dorm. Not any anxious a lot of let you guys did a great job and yes. You're OK I finally got so they can at that it great you. Come about height.

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{"id":55237720,"title":"Emergency dispatcher calms mom down to help save choking baby","duration":"3:56","description":"An Ohio woman called 911 in a frantic state when her 11-month-old daughter was choking.","url":"/US/video/emergency-dispatcher-calms-mom-save-choking-baby-55237720","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}