What happens next for Epstein accusers?

Marci Hamilton of Child USA, a non-profit, explains how Epstein's alleged victims might go about seeking justice following his suicide.
2:16 | 08/13/19

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Transcript for What happens next for Epstein accusers?
Untimely death will no doubt affect the alleged victim so I want to continue this conversation with professor Marci Hamilton announced she's the founder. CEO an academic director of child USA dot board. You know. Doctor Marcy professor Marcy you see a lot of abuse trials were victims get to actually. Face their abuser in in this case. That's not going to happen so you know what will be the impact of these girls I'm not being able to have proper closure necessarily. Well one of the tragedy is at once again Epstein gets to call the shots he gets to determine when he acts. CEE eight and they couldn't hack. A moment. Reading your statements but honestly. There are so many people who are eager partaking in his system were supporting it. I'd be shocked federal government does not file criminal charges against a laundry list of individuals. They'll be a little bigger piece. Yen do you feel like the victims feel like they're going to be able to seek justice and sees apps and I mean. Other people might be charged but you feel like they. Think that will be sufficient. Well don't charges against others aren't sure but. They are going to be able especially the ones who were used you wore to file civil lawsuits. Against these days. A that we know are rich in beauty secret apple opens tomorrow I mean in a lot of ways the timing is kind of amazing peacock. I. While. They work well he or get to this window tomorrow. Back now that's still true and so they are going to be able to suit starting tomorrow they only have one year. Bypass. They need to be standing up for justice that the tragedy. Is that or the victims abused if Florida and New Mexico and the Virgin Islands and their statute of limitations are so short. I they have not revived the expired civil statutes of limitations these women need they won't get justice at what those. Lots change. Are aid professor Marci Hamilton with child USA dot org thank you.

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{"duration":"2:16","description":"Marci Hamilton of Child USA, a non-profit, explains how Epstein's alleged victims might go about seeking justice following his suicide.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"64950780","title":"What happens next for Epstein accusers?","url":"/US/video/epstein-accusers-64950780"}