Escaping the Paniq Room

In under an hour, Alex Stone must escape from a locked panic room, or else...
2:21 | 09/30/14

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Transcript for Escaping the Paniq Room
Everybody I'm Alex don't run busy forum boulevard here in -- at a place called. And you're -- Now comes the US facing criminal -- -- you know world. And we're gonna have to find our own way out. Home. So we are right now -- in the insane asylum. Yeah we're looking for clues in here it's pretty pretty you can see it's all read everything looks flooding but we're -- Michelle she's trying to find clues as well. We have an hour you can see countdown clock up there we have an hour. -- find their way out look through all this stuff. -- people look at this and decide what is. -- The. -- -- Yeah it's regarded burn through about twenty minutes Michelle factor trying to get through another -- We just found our first clue we can't -- that they did -- something there's. An X ray machine over here that we are able to see some clues and by putting X -- -- -- -- but we're still stuck -- here we still a long time left guard Aaron we have no way -- had no clue -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Reform. Not a lot of time but where we're -- did you get him. -- -- Jury trial. -- -- Yeah yeah. Yeah. -- And hey I don't -- he really really big deal -- you get it out got to yeah. Letter.

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{"id":25861432,"title":"Escaping the Paniq Room","duration":"2:21","description":"In under an hour, Alex Stone must escape from a locked panic room, or else... ","url":"/US/video/escaping-paniq-room-25861432","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}