Everyday Americans talk impact U.S.-China trade war has on the home front

Michelle Jones, a farmer, and Tiffany Williams, a small business owner, discuss how the ongoing trade war is impacting their lives, businesses and communities.
7:33 | 05/13/19

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Transcript for Everyday Americans talk impact U.S.-China trade war has on the home front
Right now with two of our guests. And also how it's impacting. Their businesses we're joined now by Michelle Jones. As she's a former in net set the south central Montana agreed to see you Michelle also joined by Tiffany Williams. A luggage shop owner in Lubbock Texas she we'll tell us about how this is all impacting her business but let's start with. I with Michelle since so much of this. Fight is over agricultural products Michelle how concerned are you now that the Chinese just today. Have vowed to increase to 25%. These tariffs on so many goods that your exporting overseas. I am concerned that it C agriculture games on her parents listen and I didn't seem cool is currently running it. We're are subject to bottom Tara sign books that we sort as well as a former anchor costs that we are. We're not solved it is Atlantans are Z aren't escalation in these terms. And you raise wheat Barley corn alfalfa and hunt and some cows that I understand out there in Montana for generations farming. How difficult is this stretch for you right now put this into context for us sending farmers always. Experience ups and downs financially with the seasons the weather. Is this been dramatically different. Yeah. Yeah spends a lot of the other economic downturn are certainly an. You can't remember anger imagine this front. I'm Dennis. Started to get incredibly difficult armed because they had no inside and that's something that is our control. And these terrorists certainly did you other issues outlet. Excess supply and hurting her aunt and export markets and decreasing our expert Matt has definitely. Exacerbated. A lot of the issues and your culture needs worker's arm. Very very tough conditions. And Tiffany Williams. A small business owner and Texas. You also talked about some very difficult financial conditions for your business talk to us about how the tariffs has impacted you. Though crust luggage all luggage all crap. Tax all briefcases and most travel accessories are included on the current terror lists so we're already. On neo 85% of what's in our store currently is on the terrorist list. And I'm so we it has effected a successfully and for our power and luggage and the things that we you know really enjoys selling day in day out and also affecting. The Imus discretionary income the consumer has to spend so. The city is seen you know drop in our business and this year and I think a lot of it has to do with the tears. And that is just to break it down for people just a little bit more simple. Is more expensive for you now to import the products from China which in turn then. Takes a big gouge out of your your profit margin right when you're turning that around selling it to Americans in Texas. Correct well it's probably technically Aaron manufacturers. Need curse our luggage from manufacturers who are directly importing the goods so weird to seen more on the on pricing sign Reno because we need to match that pricey and so we are seeing more on the price increase somewhat we sell even. I'm vs. Seen an app that level because we don't directly important ourselves. And the president today ladies has been talking about these tariffs in fact. A speaking specifically about farmers a short time ago on the Oval Office let's take a listen about Williams. We love our farmers we take care of our farmers farmers have been incredible no country can get in the way of our farmers. And they did a fantastic job so our farmers are going to be very well taken care. Michelle back to you on this the president has allocated twelve billion dollars in aid to farmers have you. Felt any of that help what do you make of of his comments. I'm mothers certainly. It is out last year this year. Her armour is a martial begins. And the market says. Yeah we have seen it and it will be very difficult trainee lots it packaged this year I see you. Tube. Make us whole again that amount Arabs and what market that we are glossed and so that you know of the main problems is our. Donald definitely sounding name will have to take some time. Here is there are. In Tiffany. And TT you on this. As this continues and there really isn't an end in sight the negotiations as I'm sure you've been following kind of go back and forth. And advocate terrorist keep going up I mean do you. Do you have kind of like a drop dead point is you're looking at this words it's gonna get too tough warrior it's simply unbearable on. Even more than it is right now. I think this is been so concerning gives it seems like we were nearing a resolution at least you know in the media I mean things that we heard. Coming into this week more confident we thought we were moving in a positive direction so it's definitely make for a lot of uncertainty. What can the rest of the Euro looks like and how that's going to practice especially with him going up to 25%. On its yet to know how our manufacturers are gonna respond to that about the price seems going to look like but I would assume. In the prices will go on and on some of our goods and we don't know how to consumers can't respond to that. And do you hold Tiffany your is there are political cost here in your view in the communities. And industry groups that you participate in Texas is obviously very red state. Are people sort of taking this out and the administration. In your circles or is there still a good bit of patients. In bit impatient so we all why it's on the end results events to be on trade policies with China that are enforceable and on help with their issues that we've been having an out so Aaron we certainly support the administration's efforts to be tough on China and to get those things done. But what's difficult brass is when you place those terrorists on American consumers we would love to see. Oh wait a resident you know to bring a resolution to this that didn't include terrorists and didn't directly affect the consumer and affects small businesses. Yeah and Michelle the Jones. The former out Montana or what is your message to. To the administration is they continue these negotiations with the Chinese what you want them to know from you. Similar Tiffany I'm just knows. You know we're supporting. On ensuring that. Trade art and then weeks and. Normalize our relations are going forward and that leads me autumn many of these increase your barriers. And tariffs that are. Our markets it is art. Some are embarked cost then. And we certainly encourage that is durable resolution and zero these aren't your sheets. And we will see how quickly they resolve themselves minister talks under way community the G-20. Between president trumpet Chinese president she in the next couple of weeks who. I'll watch that very close in this should Michelle Jones former in Montana appreciate your time very much and Tiffany Williams. Small business owner Lubbock Texas think you so much for your time for coming on appreciate you both.

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{"duration":"7:33","description":"Michelle Jones, a farmer, and Tiffany Williams, a small business owner, discuss how the ongoing trade war is impacting their lives, businesses and communities.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"63014035","title":"Everyday Americans talk impact U.S.-China trade war has on the home front ","url":"/US/video/everyday-americans-talk-impact-us-china-trade-war-63014035"}