Evidence, Witness Testimonies to Be Released

ABC News' Gloria Riviera recaps the grand jury's decision not to indict Officer Wilson in the death of Michael Brown.
12:19 | 11/25/14

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Transcript for Evidence, Witness Testimonies to Be Released
Images coming out of Ferguson once again. Police moving this crowd dispersing it looks like some sort of tear gas canisters thrown. And we can see some of those protesters picking up some of those canisters and tossing them back we now see some people running. Away and there's very methodical way that the police up this road anyway. Are trying to move the crowd dispersed them an a very specific area we we're told by law enforcement that they have been training for this. This moment for for weeks and that they would have officers in place we also know that the National Guard. Is on scene there in some of those areas. Police officers and we won it. And we know that counselors are also. In place at the churches so this is. This is the scene that has been plain out in the hour. And then a little bit since prosecutors made that announcement that Darren Wilson the officer who shot and killed Michael Brown would not be indicted. Cleared on all those five counts and you can see. A convoy of police vehicles edging up that road near the police station where many of these protesters were gathered. Outside waiting for that announcement to come and of course. That. Crowd becoming. A little bit angry and that intensifying. Once that word came down now you see police officers moving forward. And the crowd moving back to certain areas. And of course this has been a day long sort of wait. Over the weekend we expected that this this. News of this grand jury decision could have been handed up as early on Sunday. And that was of course moved until today and now we have Gloria Riviera who was at that press conference inside the courthouse who want to go to her now. Had a chance that. Prosecutor question. What did we learn in tax questions answered. Michelle what we learned first inform us from across here Bob McCullough is that he felt that the grand jury considered each and every. Potential charge against officer Darren Wilson. Cut to the best of their ability sixty witnesses over seventy hours of testimony meeting over 25 days. Not a single juror missed a single day. And at the end of all of that. They did not find probable cause on any of the indictments that means it. Officer Wilson who was facing potentially up to thirty years. High in prison if we'll now theoretically legally be allowed to go back to work of course we don't expect that to happen. They heat he's free to go. Pending of course potential civil charges filed against him by the brown family we've learned that their reaction was. Right you emotional and extreme understandably also. Potentially federal charges although we don't have a lot of information that that will become a reality inside that courtroom I had the chance to pass the prosecutor. What specific evidence would specific witness testimony. Did he believe led the jurors to conclude that win at Michael Brown's turn after. The injure act she needs in the wings officer Wilson was in the car Michael Brown was outside of the car everyone agrees there was a struggle. Brown took off Wilson pursued. Round turn and then McCullough says. Citing Wilson's description of what happened after brown turns as they charged towards him but that's as much. Information is much DTL as we received. And a lot of people are very curious about that moment because it's believed that that moment. Brown's actions are what led what could have led what the jury. Evidently believes led to Wilson concluding that he had a reason to believe. He was justified in using deadly force but when I asked him to expand on. Did brown looked like he reached for a weapon. Did brown looked like he was lending an attempt to be violent against Wilson we got no deet tails on that all we know is that from everything they grand jury considered. They found no probable cost indict Wilson on anything and this is. Gloria listening to some seventy hours of testimony from various witnesses. Just testimony alone with the amount of time that the grand jury has been on the case and evidence they have seen. How much that we expected disease publicly all of them. I'm such a lawsuit at the end there he is repeat the last part of your question yes how much of that evidence. Is the public expecting to see he will all be released. What Michelle that's a very good question because along the way I prosecutor McCullough has said that he intends to release. As much as he can in fact he says everything to the public all witness testimony all evidence. And initially was believed that a judge would have to okay that. However in the last 24 hours. The prosecuting attorney's office believed they had. The right to release it at their discretion in so at the end of this press conference we we're handed hard disks. All of that evidence so we're beginning to sift through that to look at. You know the prosecuting attorney saw a long time. Going over the conflicting witness testimony. Probably the most striking di tale there. He is that Michael Brown some mistakes was running a wave from officer Wilson went with his back towards him. And several witnesses say officer Wilson. Shot while brown it was running away now the autopsy is revealed to of the autopsy revealed at least. There's a third night. The FBI which is pending but two of those autopsy is show that brown was not shot. By any. Dine any weapon in the back so that would be one of eggs example of how. Witnesses gave testimony that turned out not to be supported by by the evidence that was available. So he spoke a lot about that but he also. At the end when he was pressed on whether or not this was a fair process he cited the fact that he wanted to release that. Evidence that testimony as as one example of how it was fair because he put it. In the in the hands of a grand jury that was chosen by a judge in May before the incidence incident took place. And so really leaning on not using that as as a leading example of how he believes the process as fair. And and saying essentially it look at ourselves here it is you have access to every. Thing that that we had access to you and again the prosecutor did he say if any of the questions that were asked. Or was this question asked. Of why he decided to turn this case over to the grand jury. Well certainly a lot of a lot of reporters in their world were wondering exactly exactly that question and and pressed he was pressed on. Whether or not he was shirking his responsibility. YE in not making a decision himself and not in not bringing the charges himself. Again he went back to the conflicting testimony today they got when the initial investigation took place. That really saying that this was a decision. In which the community had a voice it was not the voice of authorities. It was it was the community's voice that he's. We wanted to leave this and and wanted to. Not really be the ones VD entity to decide. Which way this week ago. That is why he put it in their hands he says and he believes that was them the most. Didn't the most. Fair way to do it. And I'm Gloria we know we've heard from the brown family in a statement they are expected to give a press conference. Tomorrow but what other legal avenues. Will they and the brown family be looking at now. Well their attorney has from the beginning criticized for the prosecuting attorney's office. McCullough four in the wake. Is handled this case yes. This was a very a very unique case for the grand jury. Typically have prosecuting attorney's office will hand the grand jury I'd charges it charges to consider in this case. Today they must put more power it and then really we often see in the grand jury's hands. To consider each time and then look at what indictment might fit the crime. The brown family has expressed their displeasure with that. Method from beginning. Michael Brown's mother specifically saying she doesn't know why this process has taken. So long. That she expected an indictment to come. Much earlier and then then the news we had today which of course was no indictment at all on any of the charges. So the brown family will no doubt be. Making an announcement and they they have always been known to have the option of filing a civil charges against officer Wilson potentially against. Officer Wilson and the police department here in Missouri. So eagerly waiting to see what what they decide tomorrow obviously they have an emotional. Extremely difficult night ahead of them McCullough the prosecuting attorney. I began his statements with his expression of sympathy for the brown family. And then you have holder attorney general Eric Holder in his office. But again there has not been a lot of evidence to suggest that. Officer Wilson will face federal charges at this time although. The prosecuting attorney said that they have shared all the evidence all the testimony back and forth. With federal prosecutors so they are looking at everything is presumably that this grand jury just. Had a long hard look at and decided at the end of there was nothing there to indict Arthur Wilson Michelle. Gloria we know that you are outside the courthouse there how far away are you approximately to the police station where we are seen live images. Protests play out and sort of confrontation between police and tear gas right by the police station or tear gas being used. Talk to us about the proximity of the courthouse where you are and also the preparations that have been under way in Fergus. Well Michelle I'm timing cleats in which is down the road about twenty minutes. Maybe more from the police station this is the county see this is where the judicial process these. Go line. And yet it's also been the site of protests in this that parking lot behind me you can see it is MT that's because there is eight to block. Radius around this building a police blockade several police officers in the streets. And really folks it's stayed away from this location the police department has been more of a hotbed of activity. And they're used them. Discussion over whether or not this announcement made so late at night was intentional to try to quell. In the motivation as. People to go into the streets apparently that did not work over by the police station. We have heard numbers hundred FBI agents on the ground. You can see it at clusters of police preparations have been made by community members their boarding up their storefronts their shots. Their homes in locations where homes could be vulnerable. It's it's almost like a community on lockdown not knowing. What B reaction would really be. It prosecuting attorney. Bob McCall as saying he expected anger. But appealing again for calm we heard the governor before you and I discuss that appealing for calm we'll see how far those appeals go. As the night goes on the show. I had Gloria the most activity seems to be right outside police station in that stretch of those blocks there. Gloria Riviera thank you very much reporting from Clayton outside the courthouse there.

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{"duration":"12:19","description":"ABC News' Gloria Riviera recaps the grand jury's decision not to indict Officer Wilson in the death of Michael Brown. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"27156214","title":"Evidence, Witness Testimonies to Be Released","url":"/US/video/evidence-witness-testimonies-released-27156214"}