Explainer on immigration policies and terminology

ABC News' Terry Moran explains the terminology behind immigration laws and the policies that were implemented to protect unaccompanied minors.
2:09 | 04/09/21

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Transcript for Explainer on immigration policies and terminology
And it's vital to explain the policies in play as the problem escalates and the power the president may have to change them. Here's ABC news senior national correspondent. Terry Moran. For months and even years and tens of thousands of asylum seekers have clustered in camps. Here along America's southern border. Humble orders never been more secure forced to stay in Mexico by a 2019 drug administration policy called. Migrant protection protocol some also known as the remain in Mexico policy. Much of the policy asylum seekers are required to quote. Wait outside of the US for the duration of their immigration proceedings. Using our emergency public health authorities we prevent today. Or rotavirus catastrophe on the southern ordered in March 20/20 the drug administration ordered the CDC to enforce a controversial policy title 42 which called. A provision in the 1944. Public health service act. Using it to suspend immigration citing quote a serious danger of the further introduction of Covert nineteen into the United States. The Biden administration has begun rolling back up migrant protection protocols but largely kept title 42 in place. With the exception that they've been allowing unaccompanied migrant children into the United States but the idea moon come reach islands of the the border we're just commandos stormed an interest in news. Mark could do. While that's a humanitarian decision that the number of migrant children in federal custody has balloon. Border Patrol for processing those children for transfer in numbers the Department of Health and Human Services isn't prepared to shelter. I'm yeah. I'm 1997. Court settlement called the florist settlement agreement and borders basic protection of detained migrant children. Processing them quickly with dignity and respect detained and at least restrictive setting and moving them to shelters within 72 hours. Then releasing them to a family member or sponsor in the United States without unnecessary delay now a maximum of twenty days well you. Who room.

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{"duration":"2:09","description":"ABC News' Terry Moran explains the terminology behind immigration laws and the policies that were implemented to protect unaccompanied minors.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76960430","title":"Explainer on immigration policies and terminology","url":"/US/video/explainer-immigration-policies-terminology-76960430"}