Explaining the surge in crimes against Asian-Americans attacks

Amanda Nguyen, CEO and founder of Rise, discusses how community members and allies are speaking out against hate crimes targeting Asian-Americans.
4:55 | 02/23/21

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Transcript for Explaining the surge in crimes against Asian-Americans attacks
I want to welcome a man to win the CEO and founder of civil rights organization. Rise in a man dead thank you for being here let's talk about why this uptick. In hate crimes against Asian American people is happening right now we heard in Judy's piece. The origins of the corona virus are tied to China we heard then president trump many times referred to it is. The China virus for the Kong flu. Is that the root of this or is there more going on. Let's first bumping you so much for how I got holes what saying that he's dead so heartbreaking. And yes while there has and violence against Asian American community. East. I'm happens as our own Hong times longer or overhead. He's tired in his eighty acne has been systematically excluded. Structural power so what do you mean by. The injured and ten US and I bet that Asian population grew faster than any other injuries and you add murder margin of victory in Georgia and west or near re election. We are he laughed our political bullying. Literally ignorant by the age nine shall mean that in some federal agencies don't even in a high definition a racial minority. This is why are an omission. And amenity it in and it's Terry Moran and integration recent mr. Graham post who went viral. You posted this this race has gotten so bad that the world high consulate general in LA has warned Thai people in California to be on their gar. Has an Asian American woman. How does it feel the hero warning like that. Terror I think you'll when I walk out on the street. I see these stories about people being. Murderer walking in Britain this game is exile and I have friends tell me no I think minutes from my little way throughout meaty. I can look like Asia hand. Eminem can where my mask on her way I can coloreds and I can look different. And our very existence is their acts and at a distance. Is. Costing. And a manicure about the model minority myth because you'd think you'd be a good thing to be considered a model minority but. They say the stereotype that Asian Americans and to be successful in this country actually leads people to downplay discrimination against the community. All minority myth was created as a tool of ash and divide communities of color. No. It refers to the idea they knew they wouldn't you quit your head down even work really hard one day will be handed it seems to tune them. And we house. Dean that this. Really doesn't Wear. Why and how it accelerated tensions between different need either color and on top of maybe Asian American. Under me. 18100 people don't know about. Interment camps or the act one of the largest mentioned in the history. Are all from our history our grief. Our votes and eight credit collected and our government. Informs them all you crack me how in a race problem is you the ability. And now we're hearing these calls for change Amanda. About these attacks so from your perspective what would real change look like. To avoid these get to prevent these kinds of attacks. The solution here is his ability. Start from. Our community arts from talking to one another our family our Ryan's. Teaching our history in school how meaning the media copper are worried. And and Seattle born eras. And over ninety million people rallied all it wasn't it hired. And was accidental or it was because. Our pain and grief existed. It will just Wear green. Three million people why you are nice and eleven or we. No mean hosts in response the White House or. Biotech EER. The solution here is. In C it's storytelling it's really hard to combat OB race you don't you and I and Byron is Byron. While there's no silence now we are covering it Amanda we're so glad that you're here to tell your story thank you. Thank you.

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{"duration":"4:55","description":"Amanda Nguyen, CEO and founder of Rise, discusses how community members and allies are speaking out against hate crimes targeting Asian-Americans. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"76075636","title":"Explaining the surge in crimes against Asian-Americans attacks","url":"/US/video/explaining-surge-crimes-asian-americans-attacks-76075636"}