2 explosions at Texas chemical plant, CEO says

ABC News' Clayton Sandell reports five miles away from the Arkema chemical plant in Crosby, Texas, where the CEO said two explosions have occurred following Hurricane Harvey.
4:38 | 08/31/17

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Transcript for 2 explosions at Texas chemical plant, CEO says
Hey gang it's plates and aired ABC news thanks for joining us on FaceBook live here. We are in Crosby Texas. About twenty miles north. East downtown Houston. Give an update on what's going on with this chemical factory fire that this kind of bad. Ruling is the story the last couple days but that is and it literally. Exploded or caught fire depending on the US overnight. We are at interstate sorry it highway ninety. And Crosby. If the road here Crosby. Road that goes into town area anyway where we are is its Crosby Lynchburg road that's what it is so where. Just about five miles south. Of where at the plant actually it is an if you look at this direction. In our five miles Lacey it was in the you can tell there is no thick black smoke in the air that we can see from here anyway. So what what happened with this plant so this is a chemical plant. Run by a company called argument and they. Have chemicals on site that are used to manufacture all sorts of plastics things like PVC pipe. All sources also accidentally so foam cops. Plates that's. So what happened was. The town here in Crosby of course and Harvey flooded and that plant is now under about six feet of water. All of these chemicals that they have there remains stable as long as they remain cold refrigerated. The problem is our be knocked out both there. Primary electricity all their primary power. But also there back up power generators they had to back up electricity sources and both of them were knocked out by. What they say or unprecedented flood waters never happen here before. So because those chemicals have heated up. There's a chemical reaction that happens and they essentially spontaneously. Come bus in suit blame. So they moved all of the chemicals prior to this event. Into nine B a basically eighteen Wheeler tractor trailer storage tight containers. Overnight one of those containers. Caught fire exploded depending on who you ask and the reason I say that is when market put out there first press release this morning day. Described it as two explosions and the plant caught fire. Later on. There's a little bit of its messaging between argument and the local buyers there vigils who were calling it not an explosion. Because they say this was nodding massive destructive. Single event. But that's Wednesday and intense fire. That they didn't want people to panic so. Little bit of mixed messaging. I don't know if that goes to news says about the coordination between local authorities arkan. Or or Wear it where that happened but at this point they're saying it was not. An explosion likely think of it and it in the traditional sense so. Those chemicals are now burning when it first happened there were sheriff's deputies in the area obviously blocking off the roads keeping people out of the area. Fifteen sheriff's deputies. Inhaled. Some smoke from the incident that was described as being non toxic. They were all sent to the hospital and are being checked out. Sounds like they're gonna be okay but they'd they'd gone in for precautionary measures to get this. Doctors take a look at. Before this event happen. On the CEO of markedly yesterday. Said that there was no way to stop this there was no way to keep this from happening and so authorities. Had evacuated basically one half mile circle around the factory told everybody to evacuated people moralist if that. And they are out now earlier this morning we're telling people to shelter in place of not a future. Yeah that has changed and but in about a ten minutes were opening get a new update from this there and local officials and some representatives from archivists and we're gonna head to that now but. That's got to the scene here you cannot go any farther north as you can see you've got sheriff's deputies here. Blocking the intersection blocking the on ramps on to highway nine B and so. Five miles away is about as close we're gonna get and five miles away is probably about as close as we want to get anyway so we'll keep you posted here on all of our ABC news platforms. Thank you for joining us we'll talk you next time guys might.

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{"duration":"4:38","description":"ABC News' Clayton Sandell reports five miles away from the Arkema chemical plant in Crosby, Texas, where the CEO said two explosions have occurred following Hurricane Harvey.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"49537358","title":"2 explosions at Texas chemical plant, CEO says","url":"/US/video/explosions-texas-chemical-plant-ceo-49537358"}