Extreme Weather Hits U.S. Coasts; England Storms Cause Massive Floods

Princes William and Harry are seen helping stack sandbags to prevent the spread of rising water in England.
3:00 | 02/14/14

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Transcript for Extreme Weather Hits U.S. Coasts; England Storms Cause Massive Floods
This is a special group. You're looking at a messy multi car pile on the Pennsylvania turnpike -- hundred cars involved ought to control. On a slick -- An icy road just outside of Philadelphia thirty people were injured. And it will take most of the day to clean that out. Good afternoon everyone I'm Dan -- new -- this ABC news digital special report might messy Valentine in the day so many are spending clean up the snowy slushy mess left behind by the storm. Across the country extreme weather scenarios -- out take a look Southern California on the left. May be dealing with the drought but in lovely Laguna Beach in Orange County it's still. Looks like this today and Los Angeles looking at a high. Of 81 degrees take a look at -- right that is Phoenix that is expected to hit 85 today about fifteen degrees above normal. What a difference though on the other side of the coast is a mess out here in the east and at least we do you have water which is something that a forcing a lot of folks in California cannot say. ABC's -- Bradley is joining us now from Washington DC with the mess that was left behind and all the snow with obviously. No place to go to -- -- -- -- Dan as you can see it's actually quite nice day at the moment here in Washington DC the sun is shining. The snow is melting but. Mother nature gave us a Valentine's gift and it wasn't anything sweet it was anything nice. It was a final blow from that months -- storm that crippled millions. The latest winter storm is moving on but it's leaving behind a -- More than 100 million Americans woke up to date ice sleet and giant heaps of snow we still have very dangerous icy patches and hazardous driving conditions. Parts of the Pennsylvania turnpike were shut down this morning after a massive pileup involving cars trucks and tractor trailers several people were injured. From Georgia the main highways are littered with stranded cars buried in snow -- around me we're just spending. And -- just waiting for my turn it like a got to get here overnight a rare weather phenomenon. Under snow captured in this time lapse video. A Spirit Airlines flight was even struck by lightning as it landed in Atlantic City. The -- of these buildings collapse under the weight of snow and slush. At the nation's airports crews have been working around the clock to deicing planes and clear runways after almost 7000 flights were canceled Thursday. Across the south. Ice is bringing down trees and power lines hundreds of thousands remain in the dark mother nature has no love for Valentine's Day these conditions are headache for florists and -- of their busiest days. Year I just deliveries are Slough or -- a little flower. And in one Georgia county men are apparently off the hook today. The sheriff's office posting on FaceBook Valentine's Day has been canceled due to ice snow and freezing rain. Those guys think they're off the hook we'll find out when -- When they get home of course now it's back to normal here in Washington DC the federal government reopened today and children are back in school. Live in Washington let's go back to you -- Are you at the very -- it really -- at some lottery tickets of the gas station right I mean you gotta do you gotta put some kind of an effort out there. -- no question about it has to -- flowers or something you make dinner you. You your best to do something write -- -- -- the exact because if you don't if you think the weather is cold waiting to get the reception if you show up empty handed ABC's Mazzarelli in Washington DC two month thank -- for that for the latest on the whether a white and AccuWeather is -- rain on British and you guys have been very busy the past 24 hours. Yes storm after storm after storm. We're still dealing with the snow across parts of the northeast but you know what Dan I wanna go back to those pictures. In Laguna Beach and Phoenix where the weather has been beautiful. Not only over the last couple of days but we've seen beautiful weather across all of the southwest throughout this -- time now the only problem is especially in Laguna Beach. We've been dealing with the drought and that drug is going to continue unfortunately for southern California -- those that east take a look at this picture. Maybe it'll look like that as we head toward the march and April but we have another storm to contend with believe it or not are already still some snow falling. Across parts of the northeast with our latest storm -- into -- counter clockwise circulation. Heaviest snow now up in a hole in Maine and behind our storm just some snow flurries -- in New York State -- from Albany back toward -- Rochester. And -- we did some light snow flurries here along Pennsylvania turnpike where they're still having some problems although all of this snow is beginning to diminish but there's a new storm. That we have to keep an eye on impact and then the snow down luckily south of Chicago the right along interstate seventy from Springfield. Toward Indianapolis Ohio and this storm will continue to track to the south and east. So we're looking for the -- to pick back up as we go through the afternoon and evening around Cincinnati. In Lexington and eastern parts of Kentucky as our storm continues to attract of the southeast. And guess what it's going to do is that hits the East Coast. Yeah that's going to intensifies we -- in the Saturday and Saturday night so as the storm does so we're going to get heavy snow again. In areas that just got hit -- that we're looking at an all of lizard. Unfortunately Saturday night from Boston. Up toward Portland -- and all the way in the eastern parts. Of -- doubt we don't have New York City in the blizzard. But New York City you're gonna be getting some snow again in fact we're looking for the -- to start somewhere around seven ADM. Tomorrow morning about three to six inches in New York City six to twelve around Boston. -- Philadelphia don't be surprised if you get about three -- four inches Washington DC won the three. So when another big storm but the worst of the storm is going to be up in northern -- -- that what we're looking at about six to twelve inches and Bangor Maine down east Maine. Over a foot of snow blowing and drifting and this is going to be a big storm. Once again now with the mid Atlantic I think they got hit the worst with our latest storm this storm looks like it's going to be targeting northern New England. But three to six inches coming for New York City and six plus just to the north and east around the Boston area again just cannot catch a break -- you see. Era I've got I've got family in Michigan and it seems like they've actually in the midwest is -- -- friendly with colder temperatures we've been doing with more snow -- here in the northeast though it seems like. Records I mean we've got to be at least coming close to breaking something -- a national -- Well in Philadelphia they are now at their fifth snowy -- -- -- all time that they have. If they get another I think inch and -- -- the -- go to the third -- -- of all time -- and every year winter targets and barrier to and you mentioned -- it's -- across the upper midwest. And most of the midwest for the cold in the snow but certainly it's been in the northeastern United States. Even Washington DC which has been missing out on the storms this year. -- in any action on the last storm. This one looks like it's going to target New England we do think though. That there will be a little break from the storminess in the cold as we -- with the and up next week but again another storm coming watch out New York City three to six Philadelphia -- be surprised through to four inches but it's going to be from Boston on northward six plus and it will turn out to be a blizzard Saturday night again. Ireland not exactly the Valentine's Day message who wanted to get -- Bernie but that's all right better to be forewarned and prepare that the kind of get that -- at your doorstep. I guess ABC -- -- AccuWeather is pretty ran out with the latest on that very thank you for that course -- -- not. On the skies as well England though across the -- coping with the extreme weather months of heavy rain -- -- -- homes and farms there -- is only getting worse. Princes Harry and William joined British soldiers helping sandbag 1 town this morning to protect ocean nearby River Thames. Both royal Brothers serve in the armed forces and the and usually heavy rains. Started in December and January was the wettest month since 1766. That is when England started keeping records. More rain is scheduled for this month causing the River Thames overflow its banks just miles from London an obvious -- -- those kinds of measures. To protect those smaller towns. Judging the scale though of the flooding difficult to do from the grounds of the first time ever Downing Street is turning toward advanced military spy plane normally uses. The hunt insurgents in Afghanistan. The BBC's Jonathan -- went on a flight with the royal air force. The -- smooth sophisticated X 43. -- -- with powerful sense is under its -- those terms. Since new. The rule to a pinpoint and target enemy on the ground. But tonight it's being -- -- new. -- -- -- As George fools the crease which on this screens and begin to -- -- the pomp of the tens below. Within eight minutes they can scan an area of more than 500 miles. So. We're not allowed to show what's only monitors but they can clearly -- -- -- the impact of the flooding. The -- get used to flying at the combat zones like Afghanistan but tonight's mission is much much good. Eight helping to fight the floods. That are affecting friends. Post defense supporting the -- for the country today the sport -- -- But not in the business thanks. She didn't feel good about itself. She's helping put it yes. Could possibly be -- -- She's -- she's probably she's like my biopsies on live recently towards hopefully. Just of the -- -- -- -- -- -- On just one flight they can -- the flooding in the hole of sudden England's. The imagery and data they collect eight miles high will be used to help the agencies and programs. It's not necessarily emotionally being treated full. But they -- to make a difference. Yes openly -- we are -- Traditional military -- -- -- Looking targets. Force Protection for our forces but where -- -- -- Population which is -- reporting that we can do something you that I took part of the problem just helped the for the trip. With thousands of square miles of faith that is now more information on the clubs but even Smart military technology. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tracking extreme as in England and of course preparing for that winter storm this weekend here. In the northeast complete coverage right here on abcnews.com for -- I'm -- -- learn New York. With a CBC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Princes William and Harry are seen helping stack sandbags to prevent the spread of rising water in England.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"22524167","title":"Extreme Weather Hits U.S. Coasts; England Storms Cause Massive Floods","url":"/US/video/extreme-weather-hits-us-coasts-england-storms-massive-22524167"}