Extreme weather moves across the country

ABC News’ Senior Meteorologist Rob Marciano reports on the severe weather across the country from heat in the West to flooding in the Northeast.
1:46 | 07/10/21

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Transcript for Extreme weather moves across the country
The aftermath of the fast moving tropical storm Allison which slammed the northeast today with heavy rains and winds gusting up to sixty mouse for our. Drivers navigating through washed out roads and Suffolk county New York slugger Warner is also rushing through downtown new aping Connecticut. Let's bring in our rob Marciano that threat from else is mostly over for rob. Now there couldn't be more severe weather tonight yes. He added across much of the country got. Some messy and that's behind Elsa which can reduce ripped through here earlier today the suns obviously out of the surf. Still very very high copper Narragansett beat this thing has been moving. City east northeast at thirty miles per hour so it's now over a hundred miles east of Boston already on a map you got to see the rap brown there is ending but there's another threat for severe weather. From New York really down to DC Baltimore could see some rough storms tonight Saint Louis Kansas City at some point that why swap that cuts through Nebraska. Could see not just damage you win but possibly perceive some hail and tornadoes to you and I can also cause some thunderstorms across the Gulf Coast but they chief. Really hot is the other big headline that we're dealing with another big UA building in the west look at all these excessive heat. Warnings that a post across several states there. This is dangerous stuff again with some big cities. It'll be threatening all time I'll record highs with this thing really not peaking for a couple of days Sacramento won twelve. Tomorrow plus Salt Lake City not peak until Sunday or Monday with a high of over 100 degrees in Las Vegas could very well. Tie or break an all time record die. Pablo won seventeen to 120s so this is a dangerous stuff again this is like basically their third heat wave that they've seen and we're just ended July. Fire the heat the storms busy season if you my friend thanks so much rob.

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{"duration":"1:46","description":"ABC News’ Senior Meteorologist Rob Marciano reports on the severe weather across the country from heat in the West to flooding in the Northeast.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"78765128","title":"Extreme weather moves across the country","url":"/US/video/extreme-weather-moves-country-78765128"}