Facebook Oversight Board temporarily upholds decision to ban Trump

Roger McNamee, one of Facebook’s first investors, joins ABC News’ Linsey Davis to discuss the impact of the board’s decision and what it could mean moving forward.
5:18 | 05/06/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Facebook Oversight Board temporarily upholds decision to ban Trump
Ever more on today's Facebook's decision Weaver and Roger McNamee founder of Allen they sure partner isn't one of the first investors and FaceBook thanks so much for joining us mister McNamee. Before we get into the bigger issues that you raise about FaceBook I want to ask your thoughts specifically on today's decision to keep the ban on president trump in reevaluated in a few months. The task that the FaceBook oversight board was given was to evaluate where there. It was okay for FaceBook to ban. President trump permanently and in a sense they're really asking the larger question of whether it's appropriate to be and any individual. Trumped a platform like FaceBook I don't if so under what circumstances. What actually happened was that the oversight board punching back to FaceBook and city know what. The rules that you got to stop the community standards so you have today or Tuesday. They don't give us enough guidance is what is committed what does not permit it so what was supposed to be a really big. Really decisive edge. Action has turned out to be a non event we do have six more months of suspension. But we don't have any resolution. Hey you've been very outspoken about the FaceBook oversight board and its purpose tell us why you think FaceBook executives created in the first. Place yeah I think it's the FaceBook executives are very Smart people and they know more about human attention. And just about anybody. And there are a little bit like magicians you know they're very good at making you focus on the left hand. While they do something they don't watching to see what the right. And in this case the oversight board was tasked with a value waiting individual posts on FaceBook and the way that FaceBook and the problem we have here is that there are billions of pose. A case. Maybe even if FaceBook couldn't get rid of 99%. Of stuff. Dangerous posts they would still be millions circulating each year. Millions of harmful house. And the oversight board is currently constructed I think it's looked at twelve or thirteen cases in a year so decent don't miss actually here is enormous and it's just not realistic bid. Opting like that's gonna solve the real problems at FaceBook which are based upon. The company's business models are based on its algorithms times culture. And you know at the end of the day the oversight board has no jurisdiction over the goods while. And he can't really affect the kind of changes will be here. You just talked about that analogy of the magician right in the idea that FaceBook created this oversight board as a distraction but from what what should the focus say. It great question so. If we think about what this. Was really about. President trump. Incited an insurrection. And bash. Cost little oversight board be cast would you know evaluating Facebook's decision to suspend the press. The part that's missing in this whole discussion is affected. Its FaceBook itself plus a platform on which both. Stop the steel. End and the instructions self were masked. And baseball was in facts. An accessory. To an insurrection against her grow. And whose back is potentially. Challenging. FaceBook also pleaded is huge role in the amplification of disinformation. About the Colvin pandemic. Hundreds of thousands of people have died unnecessarily because how poorly we handle the pandemic question. And FaceBook played a role. What would happen if sites like FaceBook and Twitter weren't censored at all. And as having any kind of oversight give some users a false sense of security did what they see and read over social media has been fact checked. I think two day we are essentially seen what happens when there's no regulation. Twitter is imposed a small number of of regulations on speech on his platform. And it. It's had some positive track but not she. FaceBook is done next to nothing he YouTube. Has done I would argue absolutely. And so we can see your range. Of out cops and they go from most powerful YouTube. To FaceBook being just about as horrible to twittering us all well and it in my mind. These are twice as we want to make as a society. What is informal we want to want to live in an environment where the people choose. The culture bit limited government they or do we want to. Handful of very large corporations. To make those choices for us because the Wheaties algorithms work. They are replacing a lot of the functions of journals and a lot of functions of government in terms of how choices are made. In our society. And I personally think that that's a sort of thing that should only happen. After really serious national conversation and a conversation it's not happen. Mr. Mack Maine leads start of that conversation at least right here tonight and we thank you for doing that. And I thank you this is a fantastic interviewer who enjoy. Really good conversation we appreciate you coming on.

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{"duration":"5:18","description":"Roger McNamee, one of Facebook’s first investors, joins ABC News’ Linsey Davis to discuss the impact of the board’s decision and what it could mean moving forward.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"77520007","title":"Facebook Oversight Board temporarily upholds decision to ban Trump","url":"/US/video/facebook-oversight-board-temporarily-upholds-decision-ban-trump-77520007"}