Fake Nurse Targets Hospital to Steal Patients' Meds

Seattle police are looking for a woman caught cutting patients' IV lines to access pain medication.
1:37 | 04/24/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Fake Nurse Targets Hospital to Steal Patients' Meds
In a place of -- the oath is do no harm but a brazen theft two weeks ago left the medical community stunned at Swedish on first -- That sounded like that took some planning and -- it sounds odd to me. Two Saturdays ago Seattle police say a woman came to the patients more fully decked out in nurse's shoes and what looked like hospital here. You can cracks and you learn you can give clues -- anywhere. But this was a -- Nurse looking for some very real drugs. The police report says the woman when it's a one room and apparently cut part of the -- line for powerful pain medication. -- order to steal it. -- Sally -- says there are potent -- on the floor. To -- -- their -- seen here and now. Then police say the imposter to get one step further actually going into a bed ridden patient's room with family still inside. The report says the woman cut another IV line but this time there was a pool of blood left behind -- possibly from a patient. Police say the woman's motives were clear. Neither drinking the -- horror. Putting it into a container that -- filling a container that she's taking -- The woman was able to slip out but police are now reviewing surveillance photos witnesses said she was very comfortable talking about medical terms. Police say that helped her pull off the bold crime. Walk with -- and error of legitimacy. As they're going about their criminality. A warning that harm can come from any place I think that residents -- -- conscious of even a place that should all wings BCA.

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{"id":19031128,"title":"Fake Nurse Targets Hospital to Steal Patients' Meds","duration":"1:37","description":"Seattle police are looking for a woman caught cutting patients' IV lines to access pain medication.","url":"/US/video/fake-nurse-targets-hospital-to-steal-patients-medication-19031128","section":"US","mediaType":"default"}