Fallout after President Trump’s 2nd impeachment

What to expect from a historic second impeachment trial in the Senate.
5:41 | 01/14/21

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Transcript for Fallout after President Trump’s 2nd impeachment
President trump is now on track to be the first former president to stand trial in the senate at the earliest that child can start is Tuesday trounced last day in office. And ABC news political director Rick Klein and gap royal correspondent Catherine folders are joining us now for more so captain let's begin with you. If there is a senate trial after inauguration Kana. President has left office be tried going to be a question. Two thirds majorities going to be needed to convict president trumpeted trouser what are you heard from senators about how they might vote in an impeachment trial. The north I don't know has reached out to every Republican senator. Their stance on as we know our latest ABC news count that tracking this so far Erie are a Republican senators said they well listen to the president three. Probably. Vote. Two convicted in history our senators limits grabbing. And they're there is a few leaning towards conditions senators are singing what is your arguments on those signs but just be clear it is an assurance he mentioned that condition the president needs to us that. Seventy senators need to go now. We caught some senators who Nady are Bellini. Sources it's the tennesseans as CNN it is actually. Well here's a thing as many wild cards here. The biggest one being the senate majority leader Mitch McConnell who said in a letter to his Republican colleagues he's going to study the legal of those signs of course is significant thing in the sand Bartlett. What's the possibility that he's considering the condition so. And if he does that that's very big obviously Rick. When the senate comes back in session next week it it's gonna have a democratic majority counting vice president Connell harassed so. How would the new senate with the new democratic majority handle an impeachment trial differently than we saw the first time around. Will they get to set the rules they get to set the incident did general outline of a timeframe there's some there's some lack of clarity even as to whether chief Justice Roberts would have to preside because he's an ex president the ambiguity that you mentioned so that's why question it might be vice president Harrison is in a position is. President of the senate. But they get to lay out the basic structure because they will control the majority and that might feel one of the buried headlines what Mitch McConnell did it. If he has started the impeachment trial right away it would given Republicans a little more sway. Into how this looks how this works as it is the Democrats hold a full control the clock they also control what kind of evidence. Can be presented. And exactly how they wanted to execute this knowing that they also how. How Biden agendas against you by cabinet appointments I and of course any legislation that he wants to bring for early in his term. Right and if there's a dead tie vote during the trial on Simon Chief Justice John Roberts would be presiding and he. Has said he doesn't break ties showed remain a time cannon there's at least four democratic lawmakers have tested. Positive for Covert nineteen since last week's attack on the capital. And now there are no restrictions being put in place fines. And other things what what's the reaction been like. So. He's had been outraged I did it does now. Good third and her how the lord and boot that it. And they don't want this at all thereby impacting security. House speaker Nancy is that there will be huge fine so this will be and it went. Congress comes back. Seoul and next week. Well. I'm not. I'm thousand dollar fine for your first sense and buy these securities. Second. Be much higher than those. Staten Island Honeywell the then deducted from their salaries will be just as he honestly I see a lot of Republicans. Congressmen and women and try and reason to. ID is a under house floor out there on so. We'll see how it plays out there how eager he was isn't dancing seasons. Now the security of lawmakers. Republicans actually agree. These measures ET and it's given what happened. And not on the. You know it really is extraordinaire Rick in addition to threats from outside the capital there are some walker that lawmakers are concerned that their own colleagues. They played a role in helping the riders passed possibly even given seven. Tours today beforehand although investigators have said there's no evidence of that but. Between cold it impeachment. And now this. How higher tensions running in Washington. See I really blows your mind when you think about what some members of congress are alleging in saying that they may have given help. Two people on the outside of assortment of capital some people the firing those side those metal detectors defying the mask mandates there is real fear in some circles of congress. That did he remembers a congress who might do harm to fellow members of congress and you know that that those are examples that you can go back into the nineteenth century. And fine but it's not something I'm familiar with Terry that you'd actually be a would be afraid to walk on the house floor among your colleagues. The easy it is an extraordinary time. With me you mentioned tensions and and real palpable fear about going about their lives to simply. Getting to work not getting on an airplane. And going going out of your family has become very risky proposition for members of congress. That's a sad and sorry state of affairs that ring but he is the reality here with sixties to go in president concerns. A grim reality recline Catherine fall there's thanks.

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{"duration":"5:41","description":"What to expect from a historic second impeachment trial in the Senate. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"75259053","title":"Fallout after President Trump’s 2nd impeachment","url":"/US/video/fallout-president-trumps-2nd-impeachment-75259053"}