Families struggle to recover after Hurricane Michael's rampage

Jackie Lane of Panama City Beach, Florida, tells how she and her family survived Hurricane Michael even as it destroyed the inn where they rode out the storm.
5:26 | 10/15/18

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Transcript for Families struggle to recover after Hurricane Michael's rampage
As a president has to Florida will car is there in the storm zone in Panama City. A sort of ticking. A look at the damage there as well as checking in on the progress. Well we're now several days into this recovery how to things look at this point. Well Diane there is devastation everywhere we were in Mexico beach yesterday and as you've seen it looks like a bomb went off it is one thing to see that on television something quite different to see it and person there are still 46 people. Who were missing in the Mexico beach area and they're still an urgent search and rescue. Going on here in Panama City a lot of people are just struggling to get by day by day they're living in homes just like this with Al power you can see those boards that are splitter this home. To get punched from the hurricane there's actually a hole in the ceiling. Diane Lane I'm sorry Jackie lane. Actually lives in this column Jackie you were telling me that you Rhode. The storm out in that and you can see the steps leading up to the second floor kind of tell me as we walk along here. What you and your family did when the hurricane hit and how you're able survive this because when you guys see the other side of this and it's really remarkable. It's really weak dollar that it would be site for up there because we were thinking about this storm surge the water. So we've all we've been bloodied young years so we wind up hair and within the cars they've seen me. Rates start again Nall is that we lost on him because. Bad into the back rooms mom bathroom back on the back right here so let's let's walk everybody up here to someone's got to see this thing. Steps that lead up to the second story this game Jackie and her family. There when you take a live look now once. How many entire second story of this game. It's gone. We we made him in my opinion it would winnings in the match during the Reagan was still on the mat praying hand. Lately it's been that great in the amounts and got an event. As we heard like fiction freight train sound like the tornadoes. And my husband sent over slower he's disabled. It's yet to visit the door of the band great road game it was already. We. Can't know. I'm sorry. And it was our ratings. The room came this silly game of the band great and for about three hours. It was a duo or restrict you in just and refrigerated within their man we do here. In just nineteen. Yet there and playing Skinner ran in every scene. Why are you confident. And we see now the debris. Cheery. We love. We want you have a life. We're so happiness you guys especially when you see. Or you wrote this story now it is unbelievable and you like so many other people in this area don't have any cell phone service. Now knows how difficult how much does that. Strings not knowing bid in other people's lives and noted she came here to. Whether they're okay. If anybody is out there I'm not Stanley. This gag yeah BR on pay me enough then later OK we're it and live it. Galloway Galloway Galloway Florida. And Lynn haven. Florida three Wednesday marriage and we came didn't judgment nobody there were all okay the grand babies our own ride. Other other areas that arcades in. So many people in this region. Can not talk to their loved ones and that is something that we're finding. From people day after day Jackie thank you so much your vote airing a story you thank you very much Steve really appreciated and we're so happy and and it things got glance. And we've heard story after story just like this as your walking along it's really comment to sees signs. Please help must not and we see that building after building. This green sticker right here that isn't the search and rescue crews have come through here and it clearly making sure that there nobody is because again. When you look the second story. It's just gone there are so many things that people here on the ground do you like I said. People don't have power many don't have cell phone service they don't have running water it can be very difficult just to get meals as a curfew and attacks. For this entire area he goes into effect at 7 o'clock and nine a lot of people are out there helping their neighbors they're not thinking about whether to get their next meal. The sun goes down they realize they're starving but there are no restaurants there's nothing that is open so people are living off granola bars bananas. Anything get their neighbors never mind the line it is really still need desperate situation. Certainly seems that way what a powerful story. And what an incredible thing that woman and her family endured our strengths everybody down there well and thank you for bringing us their stories.

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{"duration":"5:26","description":"Jackie Lane of Panama City Beach, Florida, tells how she and her family survived Hurricane Michael even as it destroyed the inn where they rode out the storm.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/US","id":"58508384","title":"Families struggle to recover after Hurricane Michael's rampage","url":"/US/video/families-struggle-recover-hurricane-michaels-rampage-58508384"}